De-stressing In The New Year


Misoprostol oral tablet no prescription discount A new year offers us an opportunity to make a fresh start and look anew at our life and our goals. What is the gap between our aspirations and our actuality? What can we do to bridge that gap? The New Year also comes amid a whirl of holiday parties and indulgences when many of us fall so far out of our routine that it can seem difficult to get back into it. As we leave the holiday season behind and launch into the exciting possibilities, challenges and opportunities of 2014, let us take a look at ways we can relieve and release stress on all levels and enter the New Year feeling physically cleansed, emotionally balanced, and mentally peaceful, with clear priorities and soaring aspirations.

Much of the January stress we experience is physical. Too much Halloween candy, too many Diwali sweets, too much Thanksgiving food, too many latkes, or too many Christmas cookies, and not enough exercise—the holidays have stressed our physical system.

So the first way to relieve holiday stress is to go on a simple cleansing diet. This is basically a mono-diet suited to our constitution. A typical winter cleanse could consist of a khichri diet for a week or so. This cleansing diet actually saves you time and money as your food preparation each day becomes very simple.

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By: Alakanada Ma