Restoring the Nautral Rhythm of Earth Through Individual and Collective Meditation

By: Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari


Visit Your URL The Rhythm of Life

The Universe is in perfect rhythm. Mother Nature always flows in an infinitely intelligent, harmonizing and natural rhythm. Because our existence arises within that larger, harmonized context, we always have those larger, universal rhythms available to us. They are our own, true nature, the very source of our own existence.
If you could look within your body, you would see trillions of cells, all functioning in perfect harmony. If you could split the hard stuff of matter and see the atom, you would see the rhythm of infinite space dancing within each tiny particle. All of life moves in eternal rhythm. Our soul, our Spirit, is one with the eternal dance of that celestial rhythm.
Our mind is not so harmonious however, and we are identified with our mind. So the rhythm of our life becomes increasingly elusive, unfamiliar, shrouded in the ignorance and illusions of our conditioned mind.
The practice of meditation re-opens the gates of consciousness to the universal rhythms of life. It steeps the mind in those rhythms, allowing the impurities of the mind to dissolve in the light of awareness. Meditation allows the natural rhythm and harmonies of life to manifest more readily.
When you are one with the universal rhythm, your breath is rhythmic. Your body-mind-soul is in perfect balance. You are untouched by the apparent ups and downs of life and the constant flow of change. You become calm, composed and serene.
The more removed we are from our Spirit, which is inseparable from the source of all life, the more we deviate from the primary, innate intelligence that seamlessly moves life forward in harmony. Global warming is nothing but the manifestation of the loss of rhythm in the collective consciousness of humanity. People all over the world have abused Mother Nature for sensual and material gratification for too long. The natural balance of Mother Earth’s rhythm has been lost. It is human beings who distort that natural balance. It is humans alone who can restore it.
Human beings are essentially seekers of happiness. Yet, in our pursuit of happiness we have drifted towards the periphery. We have abandoned the Center, the essence of our being that is naturally in harmony, for externals. Humankind has become greedy, lost in the illusion that happiness comes from more and more material possessions. We thought that by mastering nature outside we would be happy. The damage that has been done is a direct result of our individual and collective illusions.
Humanity has to move from the periphery back to the Center again. The fountain of happiness and peace lies in the balance of the inner and the outer world, in living harmoniously within the larger rhythms of nature.
Each and every one of us can take outer action to save water, electricity, gas, and other resources to ease the misuse of Nature’s abundant gifts. But we need to take an inner journey as well. Most of us lack adequate respect, consciousness, and appreciation for our Mother’s gifts. We might mean well, but who among us does not have unexamined areas of unconsciousness?
We need to wake up, to realize the wisdom of “No waste, No want,” and to discover ever new ways to practice it in our daily living. Developing new patterns and behaviors that heal the environment, cultivating our awareness of life’s boundless gifts and the ways we can be in deeper service to them, are acts of love for life. They give us joy. They cleanse and heal the earth with positive vibrations, while warding off the negative impact of a polluted environment.
Your Heart Beats with the Rhythm of the Universe
Feel blessed that you were given a human body, a human mind, a life in which to grow and learn, and most importantly, a heart. Your heart is a center of the world, a center of the Universe. Bring the whole of the Universe through the center of your heart. Feel the whole Universe from that center. When your heart is open, you feel for everybody, for every being. Then your heart beats, not only with blood, but with the rhythm of the Universe, with the rhythm of divine ecstasy.
Spend time outside often, meditating on the beauty of the natural world, its harmonies, and its rhythms. Allow those harmonies to amplify and resonate in your body. Feel them as your own. Nature and all of its harmonies are in you. They gave birth to you. Know that you are connected to the inexhaustible source of the cosmos in your own heart. Gradually, all external forms come home to the one thread running through the garland of life. Prayer, meditation and natural beauty will bless you with the growing awareness and experience of oneness and peace.
Feel the Beautiful Rhythm of Your Life Flowing through Each Breath 
Spend some time in silence each day. Find a quiet, peaceful place, preferably a place where you can be aware of the beauty of Nature. Sit comfortably erect. Relax your body from head to foot, focusing on relaxing each body part. Then take a few deep breaths. Inhale deeply and exhale deeply. Breathe consciously, withdrawing from external perceptions. Watch the flow of universal energy, prana, moving in and out through your nostrils. You are consciously connected with the vishwa-prana, the universal life force that sustains all life. Feel the beautiful rhythm of your life flowing through the breath.
Thoughts will come and go to take you away from your concentration. Don’t condemn your thoughts. Don’t condemn yourself. Just relax. Bring your focus back to your breath and keep breathing. Let your thoughts go into the rising and falling of the breath, into the delicate and soothing rhythm of the air passing through your nostrils. You will experience lightness in your body, calmness of mind, and peace in your heart.
Come out of meditation gradually, bringing your mind to the body. Relax, bring your consciousness back to the beauty of Nature and feel all is well in your life. Bless everything around you when you open your eyes. Celebrate and be joyful for the gift of meditation and your union with all that is.
Join with Others in Collective Meditation 
That is why I encourage forming groups to learn yoga, practice relaxation and breathing exercises, meditate together, and pray for peace and healing in our world. “Whenever two or more are gathered” in the Divine name, Divine energies are amplified and reinforced.
You can start a small group with your spouse, your family, or a friend. Soon another friend may want to join you.
Beginning with relaxation and breathing exercises harmonizes you within your own body-mind-soul and with one another. Collective prayer and meditation purifies both the inner and outer environment. It fills the ether with vibrations of peace and happiness. Conversations flow more naturally, they foster personal discovery, spiritual support and sharing. Everyone in the group can then share gratitude, insights and inspirations, or problems.
One of the purposes of such groups is to grow in spiritual friendship. Most psychosomatic diseases are emotionally induced; the result of feelings of isolation and separation. Today, we have so little time to listen, to connect with one another. Far too many people suffer with emotional imbalances and depression as a result. Meditation groups create opportunities for trust, sharing, and growth through mutual support.
There is no need to wait. We can wake up now to the dance of consciousness and learn the art of celebration. We are not alone. Together we can make a difference!
Nature celebrates continually, without rhyme, without reason, through the universal rhythm of the seasons, through every life form, through every physical manifestation. We humans often miss the joy and celebration that life is, because we have too many other distractions and priorities. What we are missing is our own soul’s peace and harmony, the dance of our own Spirit, the music of our own heart.
Alone and joining with others, let us invoke the abundant, regenerative energies that are all around us. Let us create ripples of joy and celebration that nourish our world. What is more important than arousing our awareness of all the ways that life supports us? What is more important than honoring the gifts of Nature?
Individual and collective meditation and prayers can work miracles. Becoming contemplative of the purpose of human birth, we move towards the peace of our Spirit. May we all offer ourselves more completely to the rhythm of the Universe. May we pray for it to manifest more fully in our own heart and in all hearts.
Let the love and the warmth of our hearts for Mother Earth and all her beings expand our awareness of her infinite glory. Let our small sacrifices reduce the various perils we face today such as global warming. No small effort is in vain, whether individual or collective. Joining together in prayer and meditation, we replenish and amplify the natural balance and rhythm of our Mother Earth.