The Year Of Captivation

By: Natalia M Schotte


The Gregorian calendar, which marks January 1st as the New
Year, has come to govern modern-day life. This calendar is out of
sync with nature. As a result, it has produced a lifestyle cut off
from the soul in which we are always busy, anxious to get things
done, rushing here and there, stressed by responsibilities and
schedules – frazzled and burnt out as a society. It is time to
transcend this model of linear time and live in accordance with
spiritual time. Synchronizing our lives with nature supports living
in spiritual time. Becoming conscious of – and acting upon – the
personal growth potential available with each season is a powerful
way to utilize spiritual time to accelerate our spiritual growth.

The cycle of nature begins anew each year at the Autumnal
Equinox. At this time, the seeds for the new Nature Year are
planted and with this, our personal and collective cycles for the
next 12 months are set in motion. Every year, a new evolutionary
cycle in which we have the opportunity to ascend the ladder of
consciousness toward our perfected and sacred selves is initiated,
and with each summer, this cycle reaches fruition.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the current nature year began on
September 22, 2013 and will end on September 22, 2014. Using
my interpretation of esoteric systems as the basis for intuitive
insight, I established a trajectory for our spiritual unfolding
during the 2013-2014 Nature Year. What follows is my
exploration of the various factors influencing our spiritual
progress this year, and guidance as to the spiritual task at hand.
Though we are currently well into this Nature Year, as spring
approaches we have the opportunity to create fertile ground for
our annual emergence into our greater selves.

Continue Mayan Calendar: Kin 222 White Magnetic Wind

The Tzolkin calendar is a sacred Mayan calendar based on
the 260-day rotation of the planet Venus around Earth. It
reflects natural time—in contrast to the arbitrary and
artificial time represented by the Gregorian calendar. There
is a different energy signature for each day of the Tzolkin
calendar. Each energy signature is composed of one of 13
tones of creation and one of 20 solar tribes. These tones and
tribes combine to create 260 total possibilities, known as
galactic signatures. Much like astrology, the galactic
signature for your date of birth provides a template for your
potential and purpose in this incarnation.

The galactic signature for September 22, 2013 was White
Magnetic Wind. I define magnetism as the soul quality that
draws to you all that is required to fulfill your soul contract.
Magnetism is an essential aspect of manifestation. I see
wind as the breath of life, the power of the spoken word,
the movement of spirit through our lives.

“Do not move
Let the wind speak
that is paradise.”
(Ezra Pound, Canto 120)

I interpret the meaning of White Magnetic Wind in
relation to this Nature Year as: Deepen your breath…
become more responsive to the magnetism of your soul. We
are being called to use our breath as the primary means to
increase our soul infusion level. Soul infusion level is the
degree to which you live from your soul rather than your

Imagine yourself breathing more deeply…all of the time.
Imagine all of us breathing more deeply…all of the time.
Imagine the collective inhalation and exhalation becoming
powerful enough to raise the vibratory rate of humanity
above its current circumstances in this year. Breath Mastery Is Self-Mastery
There are many approaches to deepening our breath, e.g.,
bodywork, conscious breathing exercises, meditation, Tai
Chi, time in nature, Yoga. This year is an ideal time to
adopt or deepen any of these practices. In addition, this is
the year to heal the areas of our lives in which we experience
the greatest stress. As we make these shifts, the breathholding
response to our challenges is replaced by the deep
breath of peace.
Consciousness Precedes External Experience

Lasting and meaningful change comes as the result of
spiritual healing. I define spiritual healing as the process by
which we erase the imprints of the past, at their point of
origin within our consciousness. Underlying all our
emotional responses to our current circumstances are deep
and painful feelings related to unhealed imprints from our
childhood and past lives. As we learn to breathe more
deeply, we transcend emotion and develop our ability to
feel. Emotions are projections of our inner wounds,
directed at ourselves and/or others. They are attackoriented,
blaming and dramatic, often experienced as highs
and lows. Feelings are inherently authentic, self-oriented
and reflect self-responsibility. They are subtle in nature and
do not disturb our sense of balance or equanimity.


As we deepen our ability to feel, we expand our ability to
heal. Fully experiencing the effects of the imprints of the
past—through feeling—allows us to transcend them.

Mayan Calendar: Galactic Activation Portal

In the Tzolkin calendar, 52 of the 260 days are galactic
activation portals. September 22, 2013 was one of them.

“Galactic Activation Portals signify gateways to galactic
These openings invite us to activate our evolutionary
(Eden Sky, 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar)

I interpret this powerful start to a powerful year as
indication we are experiencing a portal of transcendence.
Here is a daily declaration to activate and support your
passage through this portal:

I am declaring my allowance of spiritual healing to fulfill its
Erasing the imprint of the past
Thereby anchoring my consciousness in the here and now
And activating the portal of transcendence.

Card of Destiny: Two of Clubs

In the ancient esoteric system called the Cards of Destiny,
one of 52 playing cards is associated with each day of the
year. The card of destiny for your date of birth provides
insightful information about your karmic path and the
nature of your relationships. The card of destiny for
September 22, 2013 is the two of Clubs. According to
Sacred Symbols of the Ancients: The Mystical Significance of
the Fifty-Two Playing Cards and Their Amazing Connection
with Our Individual Birthdays by Edith L. Randall and
Florence Evylinn Campbell, the Two of Clubs is governed
by “the psychology of fear.”

The root cause of our fear is our perception of separation
from soul/source. Though we may not be conscious of this
perception of separation, our experience indicates the true
state of our minds. A mind at one with soul/source is a
mind at peace, and a peaceful mind creates peaceful

Fear is the source of all our “nightmares.” Rooted in our
consciousness through the unhealed imprints of our
experiences, fear underlies all our challenges. To transcend
“pain and suffering,” it is important to understand that
what is happening in the present is merely a reflection of
deeply buried fears from the past.

The message of a galactic activation portal occurring on a
White Magnetic Wind and Two of Clubs day is: Transcend
your current challenges by healing the underlying imprints
of fear, thereby releasing deeply rooted survival patterns and
the breath-holding response.

Numerology/Tarot: 19/1 – The Sun Card

September 22, 2013 is a 19/1 in numerology:
9 (September is the 9th month)
22 (2 + 2) = 4
2013 (2 + 0 + 1 + 3) = 6
TOTAL = 9 + 4 + 6 = 19 (1 + 9) = 10 (1 + 0) = 1

The number one, the number of beginnings, reminds us
that this is the first full Nature Year after the Mayan
calendar ended on December 21, 2012. This is the first full
year in the new Galactic Creational Cycle. It is first year of
New Time!

The Tarot card for the number 19 is the Sun. The Sun
refers to our essential self, our soul. The Sun card indicates
to me it is time to identify with our Souls rather than our
ego/personalities. My interpretation of the numerology for
September 22, 2013 is that this first year of new time is the
time to become fully Soul/Sun-infused. It is time to become
the “Suns” of God we are here to be. Know that:

The Soul is a Powerful force.
It is the Voice for God/Source.
It is clear and strong, uncompromising in the Truth,
Courageous in action and motivated by Love.
You are powerful – Be powerful.


Full Moon at 27° Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces occurred on September 19, 2013.
Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and governed the 2,000
years from the birth of Christ to the year 2000. The Age of
Pisces represents “time past” and the “old ways.” We are
now in the process of birthing the New Age – the Age of
Aquarius. We are collectively learning to shift from Piscean
dynamics to Aquarian dynamics, e.g., external authority to
inner authority, individualism to collective consciousness,
isolation to intimacy, self-sacrifice to self-empowerment.

Once the Moon is waning, which begins immediately after
the exact moment of a Full Moon, we begin a two-week
cycle of release. I see the Autumnal Equinox occurring days
after the Pisces Full Moon as providing the impetus and
support for us to release the Piscean Dynamic. This Nature
Year is a year of releasing all that is not in alignment with
the new Aquarian Dynamic.

This clears the space to activate, adopt and incorporate all
that is in alignment with Aquarian consciousness. Now we
are moving strongly with the evolutionary current toward
greater soul infusion.

In An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and
its 360 Symbolic Phases,
 Dane Rudhyar presents an
archetypal symbol for each of the 360 degrees in the zodiac.
This reinterpretation of the symbolic astrology system
known as the Sabian Symbols provides extraordinary
insight into the evolutionary journey toward ascension. He
defines the keynote of the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon
at 27° Pisces as “The Light of Fulfillment that blesses work
well done.” This is the promise of the current Nature Year.

There is a sense of urgency in this Nature Year. There is so much we can accomplish at every level. We have a rare  opportunity before us. Every moment counts. We can no longer delay our ascent without increasingly difficult consequences. It is time to let go of the incremental ways of the past and unevolved aspects of consciousness. The message for this Nature Year is clear: Surrender to the captivation of the soul.

As the Earth awakens and spring nears, the nature spirit kingdom prepares to infuse life with new vitality. Our hidden dreams and plans, set in motion on September 22, 2013, now gestating in the womb of winter, soon will be revealed. All of life is about to be reborn…to be spiritually renewed by the beauty of the blossoming flowers and the symphony of the birds. Now is the time to move expeditiously toward the perfected expression of your soul in form…as you.