Black Onyx & Tiger Eye Bracelet


Black onyx is believed to be one of the most powerful protection stones. It is associated with the base (root, first) chakra. Black Onyx has the ability to soothe fears and worries, to control to overwhelming emotions. Onyx can help a person maintain a positive outlook while awaiting the result of a source of anxiety. It is recommended for improving concentration and devotion, calming sexual tension and ending marital disputes. Black Onyx helps to remove depression, nightmares and losses in legal matters.

Black Onyx is used as a magic stone all over the world. Its power is further increased by magic inscriptions, as found in the graves of American Indians and ancient Greeks and Romans. In much crystal literature black onyx is strongly associated to Saturn, and it is said that this stone works most positively for those with a strong Saturn in their natal charts. Healers also believe that Black Onyx saves a person from evil eyes and black magic.

The Tiger Eye stone is said to be one of the most grounding stones, and for centuries it has been used for protection. Gemstone lore says that the Tiger Eye stone enhances good luck, prosperity and the correct use of power. Tiger Eye also enhances confidence, focuses the mind, and enables the wearer to see clearly without illusion.

Each Karma Mantra Black Onyx & Tiger Eye Bracelet comes with a kraft brown, eco friendly gift box.


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