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  • inner-self
    The term “soul” is more popular than ever. The growing use of social media and the expanding yoga industry have made this a household name. The soul is more than your body. The soul yearns for spiritual and unconditional love. every time your ... [Click Here To Read More]
  • How-Mindfulness-is-Truly-Revolutionary
    “I think I’m the most important person in the world, but nobody else thinks it’s about me, time doesn’t think it’s about me, space doesn’t think it’s about me, the planet doesn’t think it’s about me,” says Prof. Robert Thurman in ... [Click Here To Read More]
  • seven-myths-of-meditation-chandresh-bhardwaj-t-40
    Meditation is surrounded with myths. These myths vary from culture to culture and are often an outcome of the meditation practice without a qualified guide. These myths not only hamper the meditation progress, but also block the potential residing ... [Click Here To Read More]

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