Finding Success with Feng Shui

By: Pandit Gopal Sharma


A cluttered, disorganized office suggests confusion, obstacles, or stress in connection with money and/or your job. if your work area is jammed with lots of ‘stuff’ you may have trouble attracting new opportunities or money. an office that is neat, clean and orderly, on the other hand, indicates clarity regarding your career and finances. Broken or damaged furnishings or equipment can symbolize breaks in communication, deals that fall through, or financial losses.

Ideally, the desk or work station should be positioned such that when you are seated at it you can easily see the entrance to your office. it is advised that you face the East, West, north, northeast or Southeast; but facing the South or Southwest must be avoided to minimize distractions, absenteeism, errors at work. However you lay out your work station, you will want to make sure that, at the very least, you have a desk to sit at. Something like a corner office desk could be a good option, especially when it comes to being economic with your use of space.

Here are some great tips for more efficiency and success at work.

sporanox cost catalogue Clear the passageways to and through your home, office or work area
When your workplace is free of obstructions, you—and chi—can move through the space easily and function more effectively, so your ability to generate wealth is enhanced. Eliminate clutter to make room for money and opportunities to come into your life.

ginseng uk Put three coins in a red envelope and place it on your computer or desk
Red is considered a lucky color in China and three is a lucky number. this simple ritual combines the two symbols of good luck to attract money.

discover singulair uk Tie three I Ching coins together with a red ribbon and hang them from a tree in your front yard
This cure combines several lucky symbols – coins, the
number three, the color red, and wood, to attract and increase prosperity.

neurontin cost Tie eight I Ching coins together with a red ribbon and hang them near your computer, desk or work station
Eight is the number of financial success and stability – goals are enhanced by the symbolism of the coins and the lucky red ribbon.

erythromycin price produce Display a gold star in your work area
Remember when teachers gave gold stars to students for doing excellent work? this cure uses the same symbolism to encourage you to do your best and to succeed financially and professionally.

discover here Place a large plant near the back door
Use this cure if your front door and back door are in direct line of each other, at either end of a hallway, for instance. in a design like this, chi enters your home through the front door and rushes straight out the back door, taking your money with it. the plant prevents money from going out as quickly.

orlistat canadian pharmacy Tape three coins underneath a plant
A plant symbolizes growth, so by affixing coins to a flowerpot that contains a living plant, you encourage financial growth.

Vacuum or dust the lampshades
Dirty shades dim the amount of light generated by lamps, so keep them clean to allow chi to brighten your financial picture.

Set a large stone just inside your back door
This cure is good for people who have trouble holding on to money. heavy objects help “hold down” chi so it doesn’t leave your office too rapidly, taking your prosperity with it.

Set two large stones at the bottom of a steep flight of steps
A long, steep stairway leading to your main door can cause chi and money to roll away from your office. Place two large stones at the bottom of the stairway, one at each side, to hold on to chi and to keep it from slipping away.

Hang a mirror above your desk so that when you are seated, the entrance to your work area is reflected in the mirror
Use this alternate cure if you cannot place your desk in a spot that makes it easy for you to see the entrance to your
work area. this allows you to easily see anyone who may enter your work space, without having to turn around.

Hang an octagonal mirror above your computer
Eight is the number of business and finance. in China, the octagon is considered to be an auspicious shape. a mirror placed to reflect your computer symbolically “doubles” its wealth-generating capabilities. Use a bagua mirror for best results.

Combine the colors red, yellow, white, black and green
These colors correspond to the five elements. including all of them in your work space establishes balance and can help you improve your earning ability.

Use of crystal ball at a window for finances
Crystals catch and augment natural light, boosting its power and potential. the more light you shine into your work area, the more positive energy you have available to focus on improving your finances.

Light up dark corners
A dark corner in your office or work space saps positive chi and diminishes its power to produce wealth. Position a lamp so that it shines light into a dark corner.