The Aim Achievement Triad

By: Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji


Though every individual desires to progress in life, he is not entirely prepared for transformation. Man prays for the fulfillment of his desire of becoming either a millionaire or a billionaire, but he is not prepared to efficiently manage the money that will come to him. Man is in search of the ultimate, but is not ready to receive the ultimate.

When you are prepared for a certain thing or accomplishment, then that thing is drawn towards you. Are you totally prepared to receive the result of your prayers? Are you prepared for your total self-transformation? Have your preparations molded you to be an heir to the life of a king?

site The aim achievement triad contains the following steps:

  1. Decide your aim (On your mark. . .)
  2. Prepare for your aim (Get set. . .)
  3. Plan your work and work your plan (Go.)

The first step of the aim achievement triad is to decide your aim – to settle over an aim. First and foremost, bestow upon your life the right direction by setting an aim. All the three vertices of the aim achievement triad together frame the foundation of total self-transformation.

The second step of preparing for your aim is all about discipline. Out of every hundred people who win a jackpot in lottery draws, more than ninety are back to being poor within a year. The cause is nothing but indiscipline, not being prepared. After having reached the pinnacle of success, in order to sustain yourself at the peak, you need discipline and self-control. Some people climb the ladder of success instantly, but failing to keep themselves there, they fall down from those heights. Discipline is all about demolishing the vices of laziness, various addictions and developing qualities such as patience, courage, self-confidence, honesty, fearlessness, and so on. Being influenced by what friends say, one may succumb to various bad habits (alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, and so on). Gradually these develop into habits, which cannot be curbed.

The next part of preparation is the discipline of the tongue. Those who are not disciplined in the use of their tongue (speech) fall an easy prey to the following six vices and thus hamper their progress.

best place to buy clomid online Stay away from these six vices of speech:

  1. Uttering harsh, rude, bad or abusive language.
  2. Sarcasm, even if it is in response to someone reproaching you.
  3. Lending your opinions even when you are not asked to do so.
  4. Backbiting and inciting quarrels.
  5. Indulging in rumor mongering.
  6. Speaking without prior thinking.

The ones who are not disciplined in the use of their eyes fall easy prey to the following six vices of sight and thus hamper their progress:

  1. Aimless viewing of all the programs on television.
  2. Watching movies or posters with wanton looks.
  3. Always looking for negative qualities in others.
  4. Fantasizing with lust.
  5. Reading trash and insignificant items in newspapers and magazines.
  6. Fixing your sight on the physical appearance and wealth of others instead of on their knowledge and wisdom.

Those who are not disciplined in the use of their hands fall an easy prey to the following six vices regarding work and thus hamper their progress:

  1. Finding excuses to avoid work.
  2. Carelessness.
  3. Leaving tasks incomplete.
  4. Not observing cleanliness of the body.
  5. Interfering in the work of others.
  6. Postponing work and not being punctual.

The third step of the aim achievement triad is all about chalking out a systematic work plan and working according to it. Plan your work and work your plan. Divide the process of achieving your aim into small steps. In fact, come up with miniscule steps and decide how long it would take to complete each step. By doing so, even the greatest and the most difficult tasks appear to be the tiniest and the easiest. A steady and definite work plan assists you in achieving your target. There will, of course, be some things about the future that will not be clear to you. Do not let this come in the way of your creation and work plan.

A strong willpower simplifies even the most difficult of tasks. The very thought of “cannot do it” can derail your plan. Be fearless and optimistic. You climb the ladder of success with the help of lessons learnt from your mistakes, even if those mistakes were unintentional. Remember that “success is born out of the womb of failure.” There is a silver lining to every dark cloud. There is a hidden boon in every difficulty. The boon can be realized only by being firm on the path of your aim.

Extending the right direction to one’s life is the need of every man who yearns for self-transformation. The aim achievement triad lends a direction to your life. The “resolute” one is the one who bears an aim, is absolutely disciplined, and works unflinchingly on his plan.