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Eastern Wisdom for Mind Body Soul

Tathaastu has a profound and blessed meaning. It is a Sanskrit benediction for “So Be It,” or “It Shall Be So.”

Sanskrit is the voice of one of the oldest and richest cultures the world has seen. Many great spiritual traditions and scriptures owe their origin to the brilliant and timeless teachings of masters whose words and thoughts were expressed in this ancient language. Now our modern world is enthusiastically recognizing the benefits of Eastern philosophies and wisdom as expressed in the teachings of ayurveda, holistic medicine, yoga and many forms of meditation.

Since our magazine is devoted to the discovery of spiritual connections and meditation, holistic healing and healthy living, peace and serenity – we say Tathaastu: So Be It.

Editorial Vision

Tathaastu is a magazine that is devoted to a happier and peaceful life! It celebrates a healthy, spiritual way of embracing life and leading it with peace, harmony and dignity.

– Entertaining, eclectic, creative – Tathaastu is an informative guide to nurture good thoughts, good deeds, and ways to simplify our increasingly complex lives through spirituality and meditation.

In addition to a strong mind and a gentle soul, one also needs a healthy body. Yoga and fitness; nutrition and diet; alternative therapies such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Chinese herbals, Home Remedies and others are explored in depth.

Tathaastu is about exploring the different and unique facets of life that promote a peaceful, happy co-existence. The approach is simple, entertaining and the magazine provides incredible insight into spiritualism, philosophies, remedies, foods.