Ginger Can Build Immunity to Fight the Deadly Coronavirus

Dr. Srinivas Gupta

When it comes to the Coronavirus, everybody knows that they need to take special care, use hand sanitizers, and as much possible, improve immunity. Dr. Srinivas Gupta, a Naturopath and Homeopathic consultant, practicing in India, has done some great research on home remedies for curing diverse health conditions. Research findings by Dr Gupta and team around the world ginger; indicate that this common household kitchen item has medicinal properties which can act as a natural prevention against Coronavirus.

According to Dr. Gupta, ginger boosts immune system of the body and helps to fight the harmful bacteria and virus. Dr. Gupta says virus is not powerful by itself, but bacteria which in itself is very harmful for the human body, gives power to the virus to damage the immune system and attack the respiratory organs. It is due to this damage that breathing problems are caused, resulting in pneumonia.  Dr. Gupta says that ginger is good for Coronavirus and if we have ginger 3 or 4 times daily, we might protect ourselves from the deadly virus.

According to the naturopath and homeopath we can take ginger with boiled water or by adding ginger powder to green tea. The main point, he reiterates, is to have ginger every single day. As per Russian researchers too, ginger is really of great benefit to us and it might help us fight the Coronavirus. One can also cut ginger into pieces, squeeze a little lemon on it and take one piece every four hours, to get protection from the dangerous virus.

Most importantly, Dr. Gupta recommends a particular home remedy with ginger as an ingredient. He has already recommended this formulation for more than thousand of his patients, for last ten years. This formulation particularly helps people with cough, cold, bronchitis, and even those with acute asthma. According to the doctor, it primarily helps to improve immunity for the lungs.

Here is the formula –


25gms of dry ginger
25gms of black pepper, which clears the mucous, prevents formation of mucus
25gms of clove, which is anti-viral
25gms of cardamom
25gms of cinnamon, which is anti-allergic and has many properties to treat the phlegmatic people

Preparation and dosage

  • Mix all the ingredients and make into a powder, sieve it and put it in a glass jar. Take a small pinch and boil it with water and drink it like tea.
  •  You can also add the powder to your milk or tea.
  • Children can have a pinch of this with honey.

Dr. Gupta also strongly advocates for drinking warm water which, he says, has the potential to reduce the impact of the virus. Lastly he advises to apply two drops of cow-ghee on both sides of nostrils at night before going to sleep.

Additionally Dr. Gupta suggests –

  • Steaming twice a day is very effective to prevent the virus
  • Gargling or mouth wash is a must
  • Taking zinc and amino acids improves immunity
  • Taking sprouts, nuts and seeds once a day is highly beneficial
  • Regular breathing exercises (Pranayama) is strongly recommended

Stay home and stay fit!

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