Diamonds Are Not for Everyone

Shri Chamunda Swami

Astrologically, a diamond has been considered to be an extremely potent and powerful gem.

In the world of precious and semi-precious gems and stones, diamonds occupy a place of special significance, which is pertinent not just from a monetary point of view but even astrologically. They attract people of every section, every age, and every class. They are quite expensive. In fact, they are so exorbitantly priced that a person of average income cannot even think of possessing one.

Astrologically, a diamond has been considered to be an extremely potent and powerful gem. This is the world’s most radiant, sparkling and mesmerizing gem. It is believed that one cannot elude its charm or escape its tantalizing appeal. However, if astrology is to be believed, then the diamond is not meant for everyone. It should adorn only those for whom it has been credited as favorable and beneficial. If this condition is not met, then it is advised not to own one, because by doing so its brilliance might cause more harm than good.

According to astrology, diamond is a gem of the planet Venus, and only those people, whose horoscopes show that Venus is the Lord or ruling planet of the auspicious houses, must wear it. Libra and Taurus are two zodiac signs which have Venus as their ruling planet. For those belonging to these two zodiac signs, wearing a diamond can bring good results. Apart from this, there are other astrological signs and facts, whose information can be used to determine whether a diamond would prove to be beneficial for a particular individual or not. Complete knowledge regarding it can be extracted through the study of the birth zodiac, lagna (auspicious time), nakshatra (constellation patterns at the time of birth), karma, and so on.

Diamonds benefit:

Diamonds are considered fortunate and auspicious for certain people. They should consider the following points before wearing a diamond:

  • Individuals who are said to have planet Venus present in the sixth and eighth houses of their horoscopes, can adorn a diamond. This can bless them with immense success.
  • If Librans and Taureans wear a diamond, they may be successful and victorious, in addition to being bestowed with good health.
  • Insurance agents, hoteliers, garment merchants, writers, publishers, property dealers and those in information technology-related enterprises can also benefit from wearing a diamond, but they must consult an astrologer before doing so.
  • Diamonds can also be worn for success in love and romantic relationships.
  • For people whose birth date numerals add up to the number 6, i.e., those who are born on the 6th, 15th, or 24th of any month, diamonds have shown promising results.
  • Those belonging to the zodiac signs of Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius can wear diamonds, but they should preferably seek advice from an astrologer.

Diamonds don’t benefit:

Diamonds are not meant for everyone. The following people should avoid wearing diamonds:

  • Individuals belonging to the sun sign Aries should abstain from wearing diamonds because they can prove to be unfortunate and pernicious for them. If they have a profound longing to wear one, they should do so only after consulting an astrologer.
  • Diamonds are also not seen to bring fruitful outcomes to people with the zodiac sign Scorpio.
  • According to renowned scholar and astrologer Varaha Mihir, women aspiring to have a son should not wear diamonds.
  • For Pisceans too, wearing diamonds has not shown any specific benefits. If they desire to wear diamonds, they should first seek professional advice and information prior to wearing one.

Apart from the ones stated above, there are other factors which can aid in understanding if diamonds are suitable or unsuitable for a particular individual and what effects they can have on a person. A person eager to wear diamonds should investigate and verify astrological details in advance.

A person keen on wearing a diamond should ensure that the diamond is not flawed in any sense. There are many kinds of imperfections inherent in diamonds which can be seen in many of its forms. A blemished diamond cannot bring fortune; rather it can have many negative effects. For this reason whenever one decides to wear a diamond, it is essential that it is authentic, auspicious, rewarding, and unblemished. Individuals who are going to wear a diamond should do so at an auspicious moment, with the diamond embedded in an appropriate metal, while chanting Shukra mantra (the mantra for planet Venus). A diamond is effective for about seven years after wearing it. After this period it is not considered fruitful.

Diamonds bring happiness, prosperity and good outcomes in any endeavor in life only when they are worn after gaining complete information and performing necessary rituals. They bring joy in life and remove obstacles, but only for those for whom they are suitable. Those individuals, for whom they are not deemed to be beneficial, should not wear diamonds.


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