How Well Do You Know Your Fears?

Dimple Mehta

At a recent training one of the participants told me that he is extremely scared. Scared of something he is not clear about. He feels that things can never go right for him. He feels he can be asked to leave his job or his partner might be cheating upon him.

I asked him one simple question … “How well do you know your fear?”

A confused mind is always fearful. If nothing else then the mind is under constant fear of the “unknown”. One cannot walk confidently if the road in front is not visible. Similarly a mind full of stress, anger and confusion can never know what it is scared of? Also our fear doesn’t let us grow or learn.

So to begin with…Relax and Breathe!!

Now start by understanding your fear. Only when you will learn what you are scared of, will you realise that you can actually handle it most of the times. Sometimes many of us are scared of water but once we acknowledge it…we start working towards it. And as we learn to swim, we gradually realise what fun water can be!!


Again, many of us are so fearful of “What others will say” that we stop doing what we love. We fear going against the so called societal norms and kill our dreams instead. But for once think beyond your fear! Imagine doing what you love to do…you will immediately see how happy you will be!!

The fear is created by us and only we can come out of it by mindfully thinking and analysing it. Think critically and apply logic. Come out of your shoes and look at the bigger picture. You will realise that most of your fears are baseless and they haunt you because you are letting them too.

Always remember

Whenever you stand up,

For something you believe in

You will be pushed back

By the ones who know you will outshine them

But never, ever,

Be fearful of such a crowd of cowards

For whenever you believe in yourself

There is a tribe which believes in you

Because there is always someone who understands your vibes!!

DimpleA parenting expert and a Mindfulness n Character Strength Coach, Dimple Mehta holds a 15 years+ experience in the space of Parenting and Happiness. She is working with Parents, Children and Teachers to gain a positive perspective towards life and helping them recognise their strengths leading to an improved sense of contentedness. Dimple with her team at Soul Diets are working with various Schools, institutions, Corporates, NGO’s and foundations in the same space.

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