Creating Ashrams Out of Homes

Krista Angelique Carver

Mother Nature provided me with entertainment within my week of stillness, for my chosen spring break spent at home, as if it were an ashram.
It has become one of the most relaxing, quietly productive, and also soul enriching breaks, I’ve known.

For an entire week I spent my time with the beautiful sound of silence, with meditations that were off the charts amazing, meditational walks every night under the stars with my pup, meditative baths, inspirational reading, and hot herbal tea times. This week taught me a deeper love for silence, the art of being rather than doing, and in the peaceful presence and comfort of my own home.

I learned of a beautiful huge bird, I know not of the species, only that it returns daily to perch on the top of the same tree; sitting a spell before taking flight again. It returns to that same treetop, like religion actually, as if that perch were its church. It looks out, preens, observes the ground below, and then stays put for a long while, before returning to its day.

Each day, this bird, or this same breed, same time, same tree, as if, it too, knows, “He who listens, understands.”

We gain peace and serenity from the power that comes from stillness and silence, and when we transform every action that we perform into a meditative one, our homes are given the opportunity to become more like the treetop this bird perches upon, and our homes grow into being more like a hidden altar, where we pray, even while time is spent doing the mundane tasks required to maintain them. The mundane grows to being as sacred as breath itself.

Krista Angelique
 began practicing yoga in 1999. She completed “The Heart of Yoga” training at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India. She’s studied Iyengar Yoga with Gabriel Halpern of Chicago, completed Yoga Teacher Training in California in Vinyasa Flow with Trevor Trice, Amy Caldwell and Rolf Gates. As a formerly trained modern dancer, she brings her love of movement to each of her classes.

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