Cosmic Connection: Number 5

Sanjay B Jumaani & Jhernna S Jumaani

People born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month are termed as Number 5 people. They are ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury, the fastest of all the planets, is said to denote speed, communication, knowledge and versatility. They have some wonderful characteristics – they are adaptable to any situation, they get along well with people, and are quick-witted and fast in their actions. Let’s see how Number 5 people fare with others, Numbers 1 to 9.

5 With 1

A respectable match, even in business, there would be good returns and high gains as both can think and work fast. Both would be materialistic by nature; however the Number 1 person would be more dominating of the two, and would require a free hand in the affairs.

Common interests between them could be music, dance, entertainment activities and material success. But Number 1, the Sun, can be too hot for Number 5, Mercury, which could melt on pressure. Hence the Number 1 person should learn to deal with this fragility of the Number 5 person.

5 With 2

Number 2 person could find it a little difficult to keep up the fast pace set by Number 5 person.

To gel better, Number 2 person would have to learn to flow with the pace, and try to give proper direction to the wavering mind of Number 5 person. Patience and resilience is what Number 5 person can learn from Number 2 person.

5 With 3

On the financial front, they would be lucky for each other, although Number 5 person could end up being more expensive in ideas and could be a spendthrift; whereas Number 3 person would be the type to save.

Accepting routine and monotony is what Number 5 person can learn from Number 3 person; whereas Number 3 person could take a lesson or two in socializing.

5 With 4

Number 5 person as a partner would be good at business and would be able to make some calculated moves, even if a little restlessly. Understanding Number 4 person could come with a little difficulty for Number 5 person.

The redeeming aspect is that Number 5 person would have the ability to mix and blend with almost all numbers.

5 With 5

An ideal match, almost inseparable, both would understand the necessity of giving each other space; at the same time, boredom and monotony is what they should guard against.

Although social outings could set them off well, all play and no work is what they must avoid.

5 With 6

Number 5 person and Number 6 person would compliment each other well. They are likely to be sociable and friendly in nature.

Communication and versatility is what Number 6 person can learn from Number 5 person. Number 6 personwill excel at presentation.

5 With 7

It would take some hard work on both sides to make this partnership work, although it is not an impossible pairing. Both could be restless in their own ways, though Number 5 person would recover faster.

On the materialistic front, Number 5 person would be more suitable to be the signatory in partnerships. Number 5 person would do well in the communication aspect; whereas Number 7 person would be better at visualization.

5 With 8

Personally, Number 5 person would be the lucky factor for Number 8 person. In business, however, partnerships usually do not suit Number 8 persons.

Will power, determination and patience are what Number 5 person can absorb from Number 8 person; whereas Number 8 person could (and should) learn to become more sociable and outgoing from Number 5 person. A Number 5 person would do well in the front desk part of a job; whereas Number 8 person would handle the back-end more efficiently.

5 With 9

Number 5, Mercury, melts with even little heat, whereas Number 9, Mars is a fiery planet. While Number 9 person can inculcate the habit of being more determined, Number 5 person can utilize his communicative skills and make Number 9 person appear more diplomatic.

One remedy is to bring both the names on the Number 6 of Venus, the planet of love, peace and harmony. Also, using shades of Venus (blue) would help.

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