Feng Shui Tips for the New Year

By: Pandit Gopal Sharma

New Year is the time for making resolutions to transform your life. We feel enthusiastic to start a new year and to plant the seeds for all we want to see happening in the near future.

We know that the entire universe is made up of energy and our home is also composed of endless energy fields. Space clearing with Feng Shui helps to let go of any low and negative energy residues and brightens your home for better things to come. The best Feng Shui tip for the New Year is to have your home reflect your dreams and wishes, and to have your home be ready to receive all that you want in the New Year. In practical terms, good Feng Shui for the New Year means a clean home and a clutter-free home (including clutter-free closets!). Do a self-reflection analysis and see how you can enhance each of the nine areas of your life to improve your emotional, mental and spiritual status for living in harmony and balance.


Set yourself a goal. Visualize your next step. Constantly look forward to something better in life. Choose to do what you can do well and do well whatever you do.

Place a water feature or a picture of a flowing river in the North sector of your home. This is especially beneficial for people missing the number 1 in their birth dates for better cash flow.


Make a resolution to be compassionate and loving towards everyone to gain love, respect and admiration from others.

Hang a pair of crystal balls or place a pair of mandarin ducks or ceramic pots in the Southwest sector of your building/bedroom. This is vital for those not having the number 2 in their birth dates for improving love, romance and marriage prospects.

Family growth

Always respect your elders since their blessings play a significant role in clearing the obstacles in your future/family growth. It has an unfailing effect upon your children in shaping their attitude.

Hang a beautiful picture of sunrise in a wooden frame in the East sector of your home for growth, and a family portrait in a metallic frame in the West zone for strengthening family bonds. This is very useful for people who do not have the number 3 in their birth dates.


Think big. Aim high and remove limiting barriers to your capacity of getting what you want in life. Life responds to your outlook and showers fortunate blessings accordingly.

Place a healthy money plant or a small bamboo plant by the window or a picture of greenery in a wooden frame in the Southeast sector of your home. This is very important for the persons missing the number 4 in their birth dates to gain better concentration/control of their thoughts.


Good health is your real wealth. Examine your input in terms of what you eat, drink and breathe. Make a resolution to incorporate healthy eating, moderate drinking, no smoking and regular exercise in your lifestyle.

Hang a colorful landscape in the central part of your home and keep the space light and tidy. This is essential for those people who do not have the number 3 in their birth dates for strength and stability.


Develop magnetism to attract helpful people in life. Place the telephone/address book of important people, or a picture of mentors, or hang golden/yellow wind chimes of six rods, or display your awards/certificates in a metal frame in the Northwest sector of your home. This is especially important for people who do not have the number 6 in their birth dates to attract helpful people.


Be illuminated to become a guiding light for others and enhance your feeling of being rewarded in life. Learn to be a source of light and warmth for everyone around you. Knowledge does not pay. It is what you do with the knowledge that pays.

Make a fireplace in the South zone or place candles, spot lamp, or a picture of a mountain without water taken in daylight, in this sector of your home. This is highly recommended for those people who do not have the number 9 in their birth details for recognition in life.


Contemplation improves the understanding of your own self and provides you with stillness of mind. Introduce a practice of brief meditation in your daily routine.

Place your books or crystal lotus/globe in the Northeast area of your home. It is especially favorable for those not having the number 8 in their birth details for improving their finances.


Decide to be more creative in everything you do. Be it cooking, sewing, writing, speaking, music, photography or anything you love doing. Love your children. They are your creations.

Place fresh flowers or hang silver/white metal wind chimes with seven rods in the West sector of your home to boost creativity. It is a must for those who do not have the number 7 in their birth details.


  • Live with what you love! Remember your chi, it is your inner personal development, desire and love for life that will help maximize positive results. Always consider safety and comfort as a priority.
  • Chi is in everything and it is always changing. Your life can keep getting better.
  • Express yourself creatively in your home/work place to make yourself special.
  • Stay organized and orderly.
  • Sound is the realm of energy – melodic sound is a great chi enhancer in an environment.
  • In general, color lifts chi. Out of balance colors can affect your health and affairs negatively.To play safe, neutral tones or pastel-colored walls with colorful decor accents such as artwork, pillows, fabrics, carpets, and other accessory items should be used to balance the five elements and to lift chi.
  • The entry of your home or office should be open and inviting, trim away foliage that may be blocking the path of chi.
  • Always position your bed, desk and stove to have a clear view of the door.
  • Bathroom doors should be kept shut, with toilet seats down, to prevent chi, opportunity, wealth, and happiness from being flushed.
  • Never sleep with a beam over your bed, or put a shelf over your bed or your desk. Your world could fall down on you at any moment.
  • Throw out dead flowers or plants; they have lost their vitality.
  • Avoid sharp pointed buildings, wall corners, furniture or accessories pointed directly at your house, bed or desk. It is reminiscent of a cutting knife-edge or a disapproving finger.
  • Make sure that all of the five traditional elements (fire, wood, metal, earth and water) are included in your design for energy, emotional and decorative balance.
  • Where natural light is not readily available, especially in corridors and entry vestibules, make sure areas are well-illuminated.
  • Fewer items always mean more chi – more life force in your life. The importance of constant space clearing, gifting away, throwing away, storing away or burning away “things” that do not enhance or enrich your life is vital. Chi is the primary magnet for good fortune in your life.
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