Vaastu and Success

By: Sri Chamunda Swami

A common man cannot understand the various elements that affect a person’s success. He can find out the causes which are accessible through his experiences, but is not able to reach the indirect or otherworldly causes. Though, in truth, these otherworldly causes play an important role in creating disturbances in his life. These factors determine his destiny and future. It is said that uncertainty is another name for life. The uncertainty exists because one is unable to reach the root of the causative factors. When something happens against one’s wishes, it is considered to be a part of the general uncertainties of life. If one had learned of the actual cause, then the event would not have happened. The basic reason being, that actual causes are mainly otherworldly in nature, residing in the vast spiritual realm. Tantra, Mantra, Astrology, and so on, are the different disciplines of the spiritual world, which search for spiritual causes that affect the life as it appears to be. The field of Vaastu Shastra is also one such scientific and spiritual field, which investigates the factors created by Vaastu and finds suitable solutions for Vaastu-related defects.

Apart from the important role played by one’s deeds, one’s destiny is also determined by the horoscope. Knowledge and information about this can be obtained through astrology. Vaastu too plays an important role. Many people are not acquainted with it, but the fact is that success and failure in life are hidden in Vaastu’s sources and guidelines. So, if one is unable to achieve success in life, or things are not going the way one wants and luck is not favorable, he should definitely seek the help of Vaastu Shastra. This will help him ascertain whether his destiny and success are being affected by a Vaastu-deficient environment. If that is the case, then he should immediately try to find appropriate solutions, because without these, the desired success will not be achieved.

The basis of Vaastu Shastra is connected to the place and location of a person’s work and home. The word Vaastu means “to dwell.” Vas Nivasate means “where one stays” and the subject of Vaastu Shastra is its complete analysis. There is special emphasis on the earth, directions, and the different material objects situated in these directions. Applying Vaastu Shastra involves consideration of all these factors and determining their effects on the residents.

Vaastu Shastra is not only the science of construction of buildings, but its scope is far greater. It is an influential and elaborately developed branch of Vedic astrology, which has established its independent identity. Vaastu offers suitable solutions to the obstacles and difficulties which occur in one’s life. Youth, who are about to start a career and those who have been struggling for success, should definitely follow Vaastu based instructions. This will definitely relieve them from the difficulties and problems which have affected their progress.

If one is repeatedly facing failure and is unable to achieve success in spite of working hard, then the residence and work place need to be checked thoroughly. A complete Vaastu analysis needs to be done. Young people should especially get this done, because repeated failure can have a negative impact on one’s mind.

If one ponders over the various reasons of failure, many such explanatory factors will emerge that will indicate the reason of failure. To state an example, if a well is situated in the Southwest corner/direction or the Nairritya kon of a house plot, there is a continuous possibility of failure. Apart from this, if there is untidiness/dirt/ clutter (heap of stones, garbage, broken and uprooted plants and trees) in front of the entrance door of one’s house, the residents tend to be shadowed by poor luck at all times. In spite of their efforts, they are not destined to achieve success. In one’s life, apart from this, there are several other Vaastu factors and reasons which can cause failure. One can increase one’s chances of success by solving these problems.

Those who are working hard and not achieving desired success in spite of all efforts, should arrange their bedroom and study according to Vaastu guidelines. This will strengthen their efforts to achieve success. They should also take care and see that there is no disagreement and incompatibility among the family members. According to Vaastu Shastra, if there is bitterness and disagreement among family members, the family’s prosperity is affected. Due to this, the family members face failure and disappointment.

So embrace Vaastu in your life. Try to follow the Vaastu guidelines and see the difference it can make in your personal and professional life.

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