Science behind Vaastu Shastra- Vedic Architecture

Dr Aarushi Sadhotra

Dr Aarushi Sadhotra

Vaastu Shastra has always been admired by people irrespective of culture, religion and belief system and reasons behind its worldwide acceptance are the principles, which are based on purely scientific logics, and to understand them, a person does not need a specific qualification. Anyone who understands energies will find principles of Vaastu Shastra relatable.

Vaastu Shastra endorses an explicit place to keep everything. Why so? What makes it so important to keep a simple household item in a particular area of the house? A house is a whole, how does placement of a thing in one area creates positive impact and the same thing reverses the impact, with the change in its area of placement? The answer is hidden in the composition of the item itself. Every object we keep in our house symbolizes one of the five elements of nature, i.e. Water, Earth, Fire, Space and Air, and emits related energy, which is usually referred to vibrations as well. These five elements are again related to five senses of a human i.e. smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight. Our small universe, which we lovingly call our home, is again a composition of the five elements of nature. As Vaastu Shastra explains, each of the elements mentioned above is allotted to a particular direction, so as to maintain harmony between them. Following picture (Pic1) is the representation of nine directions available in any premises and the second picture (Pic2) explains the elements associated with the particular direction.

Vedic_2      Vedic_3

Vaastu Shastra says that, when a house is made and later on decorated, as per fundamentals laid by Vaastu, it creates a justified proportion of bio-electric-magnetic-energy in the house, which has the power to control health, happiness and prosperity of the family living within. Vaastu Shastra is the only science, which gives ‘simple to follow’ instructions, to maintain equilibrium of energies. Vaastu Shastra promotes positive inflow of energy and suggests ways to defer negative energies. Explaining it in simple terms, it may be said that when you place articles or items in your house according to the nature it possess or element it relates itself to, it supports and enhances the energy of that particular direction and maintain the equilibrium of the energies in house. 

Referring to Pic2, north-east direction is associated with water which releases flowing energies, instability and flexibility – so in a house north-east direction should be used to make underground water tank, fountains, and pools or bathing rooms so that water energy could be supported and enhanced. Now imagine lighting fire on water. Is it possible? No, water is going to extinct the fire. Interestingly, we cannot witness it, with our eyes even wide open, but as energies can only be felt, the impact of fire in the area of water can be felt over a period of time.  Fire releases energy which has the capability to burn the positivity around. Similarly having water in place of earth is going to shake the stability provided by the earth element.

Now, having understood the fundamentals of Vaastu and how elements in each direction create harmony of energies, a question arises “ why some people living in Vaastu compliant houses are not happy and some of them, living even in the house which is not so Vaastu friendly, are flourishing?” Answer is simple that Vaastu provides a base for you to live a happy, healthy and peaceful life, by striking a perfect balance between energies. However, it doesn’t create any one’s destiny. Individual karma, habits, attitude, hard-work, luck or fate etc are main factors which governs an individual’s life.

Vedic_4_AarushiDr Aarushi Sadhotra is a post graduate in Management and after working for a decade in HR Department of Telecom industry she found her calling in – “Vaastu Shastra”. After completing Ph.D. in Vaastu, she pursued few years of extensive research in Vaastu science and practiced under expert’s supervision, and that’s when she founded “Vaastublessings” – a consultancy for people seeking advices on Vaastu for commercial and residential complexes. Vaastublessings provides onsite as well as off- site consultation in India and overseas. Dr Aarushi is an author as well and has been writing articles for various publications.

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