Vaastu: An Effective Source of Bliss

By: Pandit Gopal Sharma

Vaastu Shastra is one of the most valuable treasures of ancient Indian heritage. Vaastu is a science which deals with the laws of nature and ensures harmonious living. A good and healthy environment, designed and decorated as per Vaastu, could ensure a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Vaastu means “dwelling of humans and gods” in original Sanskrit literature. Since the universe consists of five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space), the tenets of Vaastu try to create a balance in these and allow us to evoke the finer forces of nature for our benefit, thus enabling us to lead a healthier, wealthier and happier life.

All the guidelines of Vaastu are scientific, logical, practical, and supported by universal facts. The magnetic energy of the Earth and solar energy are best tapped by adopting the basics of these sciences.

Kitchen: Cooking with Energy

Kitchen is the most important area in a house since it affects the health and wealth of the whole family. According to Vaastu, the best place for a kitchen is the Southeast corner, as Southeast is supposed to be the place of the God of Fire. From the practical and scientific point of view as well, it is considered to be the proper place for a kitchen as beneficial infrared rays come from the East and ultraviolet rays, which are harmful for germs like bacteria and virus, come from the South. The other option especially for the West or North facing houses is the Northwest area, this being the air zone vital for burning activity. The other acceptable directions can be the East and South zones to prevent the smoke and cooking fumes from flowing into the living/working areas and affecting the health of the household members.

 Kitchen: Direction for Cooking

For good taste and to ensure good health of the family, especially women, the cooking gadgets should be ideally positioned in such a way that one is facing the East while preparing food. In case the kitchen is placed in the Northwest corner of the house, one can face the West while cooking. Cooking while facing the Northeast/North, results in heavy expenditure, difference of opinion, and mental unrest. In many situations the problems of cervical pain and pain in the shoulders have been cured simply by avoiding the South/Southwest areas while cooking. Additionally, to ensure good health and to reduce backaches and pain in the legs, avoid a door at the back while cooking, or fix a convex mirror in front to reflect the door area.

Five Elements in the Kitchen

The sink should be placed in the Northeast, North or East sides (water element); the gas stove and other electric appliances are to be placed in the Southeast (fire element) or the Northwest (air zone). Heavy and full height cabinets are to be built in the Southwest zone (earth element). The center (space element), North and East of the kitchen should be kept open. The refrigerator and storage cupboards are best arranged along the Southern and Western walls.

Colors in the Kitchen

The best colors recommended in Vaastu for the kitchen are all shades of yellow, off-white or cream colors. Colors like blue and black should be totally avoided. The ceiling must always be painted white.


The bedroom is supposed to be a place for romance and relaxation. Vaastu says that the bedroom should be as far away from the North and East directions as possible. You will find peace and comfort if you are closer to the South and West. That is why the Southwest or the Southern area is best suited for a master bedroom.

Place your head towards the South as it ensures good health and peaceful sleep. Placing your head in the East or West is also beneficial depending upon the location of doors, windows and toilets. Maximum furniture should be kept on the South and West side of the bedroom.

There should not be any reflective surface in the bedroom to ensure harmonious family life and better health. In case there is no other option but to have a mirror/TV/computer in the bedroom, place it in such a way that it does not reflect the bed. You can also cover those objects before going to sleep.

Ideal colors for bedroom walls are off-white, light yellow, light green, or peach. Avoid dark and fluorescent shades.

Bathroom: Cleanse & Rejuvenate

The bathroom or toilet adjacent to the Southeast corner in the Eastern direction is very useful as the morning sun rays coming from the East side fall on our body and kill the germs. It can also be constructed in the West or north of the Northwestern direction, or in the Southern direction, leaving the Northeast and the Southwest corners. The seat should be preferably placed on the North-South axis. A bathroom should not be placed in the Northeast or Southwest zone of the bedroom. The washbasin can be placed in the Northern or Eastern area.

As per Mayamata, an ancient text, the bathroom should be beautiful; free from dirt and hair; and decorated with flowers, plants and fragrant substances. The colors should be light and refreshing such as light blue, green and off-white. A lot of natural light, air and ventilation are the basic requirements for this part of the house.

Drawing Room/Living Room

Living rooms are the areas where guests are entertained, and the décor of these rooms reflect the status of the occupants to a great extent.

It is preferable to design the room in the Mideast or Midwest as the kitchen in the Northwest or Southeast will be able to
serve these rooms comfortably. For North/Northwest facing houses, it can be located in the Northwest and Northeast also. For South facing houses, the living room can be located in the Southeast as well. In the living room, doors in the East and North are the first choice. It must not have any door on the Southwest side. Maximum furniture, showcases, heavy articles should be placed in the Southwest, South or West zones. TV sets should be in the Southeast zone or in the South or West. They should not be in the Northeast or Southwest corners. The furniture of the living room should be square or rectangular; but not round, triangular, oval-shaped or hexagonal.

Children’s Room/Study Room

Vaastu suggests some simple rules to be followed for the prosperity of your child. As recommended by Vaastu, an ideal children’s room is in the Northeast, North and East directions. While studying, the child should face the East, North or West direction to get maximum benefits of the solar and magnetic energies. This will increase the memory and grasping power, as well as concentration. Light facing in the upward direction like a bracket light or wall mounting light, is recommended in the study as it lifts the energy in the evening hours. The bed can be placed in the Southwest, South or West corner. The main door/window to this room should not be directly behind the student. Otherwise, it can disturb concentration and may arouse feelings of insecurity. If the children are small, the interiors can be bright. It might be a smart idea to consider a professional Carpet Cleaning Tustin service to keep your carpets clean in this room.


Balconies are usually on the upper floors for multipurpose use. As a general rule, the balconies provided in the Northeast, North, East, west of Northwest and south of Southeast of the building would bring happiness, stability and good health; whereas structures in the Southwest, east of Southeast and north of Northwest should be avoided.

If the rooms are set according to Vaastu, thoughts, speech and actions are supported by nature and lead to health, wealth and happiness.

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