The Importance of Maintaining Balance by Honoring the Divine Feminine

Velva Dawn Silver-Hughes

Does your daily routine include putting yourself as a priority? Do you meditate on a regular basis? Do you feel guilty when you take time for yourself? Do you know how to recognize the signs of being spiritually empty?

Why is it so important to have harmony between giving and receiving?

The divine feminine (the goddess energy) has been forgotten by recent cultures. But now, the year of the goddess is coming upon us in 2013, the rising of feminine energy to bring forth a balance of the masculine energy. The time is now to embrace our inner feminine energy and bring forth a balance between the feminine and masculine within your own body, which will bring healing to the female and male energies upon the planet.

The feminine energy is often related to the receiving side of our energy body, while the masculine energy connected to the giving side. Many of us are very good at giving to others and honoring the masculine energy, but have emotional blocks associated with feelings of guilt about receiving.

Healing with the Goddess Mother Mary

People today are busy with life and don’t take the time to receive the natural things in life that our physical and spiritual bodies need. Mother Mary – the goddess of self-love – brings forth the awareness we need to take the time in our daily lives to receive in equal parts as we give.


Many times in life, we tend to make ourselves busy helping others and never taking time to reflect on what our own body might need. It is easier to keep our minds busy with the problems of others and life events, than to truly take the time and courage to look inward to heal our wounds and honor our needs.

I am an intuitive counselor and work with many people who don’t even remember what activities bring joy and love into their hearts. When you connect with Mother Mary, asking her to guide you in the direction of honoring what your body needs on all levels, she will gently remind you to take some time each day to do an activity that will fill up your cup.

Filling up your cup

You may wish to begin each day by asking yourself this question: What do I love most about myself today? What can I do today that will fill my heart with joy? There is always one thing that you can find to love about yourself, and if you need help, ask your loved ones. We are too hard on ourselves and are most likely our worst critics.

There are many ways to naturally fill up our souls and release any pain our bodies are ready to release. Remember that when you are feeling an emotion or pain, it is your body’s way of telling you it is time to release these old paradigms and vibrations.

The next step is being willing to ask the divine for help in letting go.

Take the time to listen to your body. Have a five- to ten minute nap if you feel tired; the dishes will be there later to put away or wash. Get a massage if your back is aching instead of self-medicating with analgesics, and watch the sunset to help tone your sacral chakra, which will spike your creativity and passion. Go outside during a full moon and ask Sister Luna’s rays to infuse your body and to clear all of your chakras and your auric field.

Go outside and lie on the ground, inviting Mother Earth’s energy into your body and feeling her pulse within your soul.

There are many ways to naturally fill up our souls and release any pain our bodies are ready to release.

Find an inviting tree that you are guided to merge energies with and ask permission to hug that tree and to receive some healing energy from a living being. You see, we are all living creatures of this Earth, and God wants us to be as one—one breath all in harmony with the universe, a total ebb and flow, inhaling divine healing and exhaling toxic energy, if need be.


We need to remember, as infinite beings, that we are all capable of miracles and that we can heal ourselves. We just need to slow down and listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. What are you hearing? What is that sore shoulder trying to tell you? Listen to it…

We all need to give love to ourselves so that we can be of true service to our loved ones and careers. When we are constantly giving energy to others and we forget to fill up our own glasses, we run into trouble and start feeling bitter and resentful toward the very people who we love the most. We need to take a little time each and every day to open our heart centers and fill ourselves up with love. We need to look into the mirror every day and say to our true inner goddess, “I love you,” and we need to repeat this affirmation daily. We each have an inner child that needs to be loved and craves joy!

The healing qualities of the rose quartz represent the heart of Mother Earth, the very core of her soul.

We forget that we are human and not robots, and that we need to have some positive affirmations toward ourselves and our loving self-image.

Crystal healing

You may wish to use a crystal that is associated to the energy of Mother Mary: a heart-shaped rose quartz crystal. You may wish to place this pink crystal on your heart during meditation or while sleeping. The healing qualities of the rose quartz represent the heart of Mother Earth, the very core of her soul. This crystal offers the vibration of love, with its water element able to calm and cool any fire energy that may be present in your heart chakra.

This crystal will assist you in letting go of old anger and fear by healing any emotional wounds in your heart. The rose quartz allows us to connect to the divine while being in our physical bodies. This stone will also help reveal any area of love that you are unconsciously blocking.


An affirmation that you may wish to say to help bring balance to the giving and receiving energies within your life is: “Are you making a decision from obligation or are you making a decision from love – the true art of giving with a high vibration?”

Remember, it is important to love yourself first by filling up your own cup, which will allow you to spread true universal love.

Feminine_5_VelvaVelva Dawn Silver-Hughes is an inspirational author, speaker and intuitive who works with the feminine energy. She is the author of Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses and the founder of the Goddess Healing Matrix System™ and the Goddess Girl Power™ workshop series. She certifies practitioners using these systems to bring forth healing through empowering others using the divine feminine energy. Velva Dawn is an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Angel Therapy Medium®, Natural Health Practitioner, and Crystal Healer. www.velvadawn.com

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