Aligning to Your Soul’s Purpose


Do you feel you have a big purpose here on this planet but don’t know what it is and how to live it?

Most people don’t even know that they have a purpose and choose to stay asleep instead of expressing their brilliance in being of high service to others. And then there are those who do know what their soul’s purpose is, and are living in their true essence in being of high service to themselves and others.

The biggest key to finding true passion and sharing your greatness with the world is by discovering and living in alignment to your soul’s purpose.

What Is It?

Your soul’s purpose is your mission that your soul has set in contract on this planet to assist in your own growth, and the growth of others. By doing this, you are tapping into the sheer essence of who you really are on a deeper level, where you learn to connect to your gifts and talents, and to share your inner wisdom with the world. Your soul’s purpose is all that you can be and all that you came to be in knowing your ultimate truth.

In discovering your soul’s purpose, you gain clarity, healing, understanding, and inner peace of knowing who you really are and the path that you need to be on, to make the best choices in your life that give you the best results. You are healing deep aspects of yourself because you are now tuning into your heart and soul’s desires.

If you can imagine a person out of alignment to their soul’s path and not knowing what their purpose is, life for that person can be extremely dull and confusing. The result of this is usually a story of running in circles, repeating the same old patterns and themes.

How Do I Discover It?

So how do you know what your soul’s purpose is? Easy. All you need to do is to take a paper and pen and find a nice quiet area for yourself. Write down all the things that you love to do.

Do you love to create projects? Do you love to connect people? Do you love to dance and sing? Do you love to do yoga?

Then ask yourself what is your powerful message that you send out to people that creates an impact with doing the things that you love to do?

If you are a yoga teacher, you may love teaching classes because you create an impact on the class by sharing your wisdom through yogic postures. Therefore, your soul’s purpose may be that you are here to share your wisdom, and teach others to tap into their own wisdom.

Or, if you love to connect people, you create an impact on people by knowing who they need to connect with through their unique specialties. Therefore, your soul’s purpose may be that you are a heart connector who connects people. You may have created a community that acts like a unique spider web that catches all the right people to meet and connect.

Your soul’s purpose not only ignites the flame within you, but also awakens others to look within and align to their own soul’s purpose. This is a huge healing process, as it raises the vibration of mass consciousness, and will create the easiest joyous path, versus the least.

Obstacles in the Path of Discovery

To understand what your soul’s purpose is and to stay in alignment to your soul’s path, you must first heal any blocks that stop you from seeing it, acknowledge it, then discover what your gifts and talents are that play a huge role in your life.

Your gifts and talents are the tools and methods you offer that are so unique. It describes your special ability; it’s like your own signature system that can never be duplicated.

There are so many people that in the energy of competition versus cooperation, have led to so much destruction in one’s self. The energy of competition comes from the energy of fear, and fear is the false programming in your subconscious self. Fear separates you from one another to protect yourself from the possible fear of rejection, or abandonment.

Each one of you has unique gifts and talents to offer, and they are never duplicated. This is why unity conscious is important, as you are all connectors to share and assist in the growth of others to bring you to a higher vibration of peace and integrity.

It is being aware of what can get in the way that may take you off your path of living in alignment to your soul’s purpose. What can get in your way is what you would call blocks, limiting thoughts and patterns that have been created by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind holds all of your deep programming from your past and is very different from your conscious self. Your conscious self may know what to do and how to create something in your life that your heart desires, but your subconscious mind can tell you all the reasons why you can’t do it, based on your past programming of “you’re not good enough, you’re not lovable enough, you’re not smart enough,” etc. As a result, you are unable to fulfill your desires which then leave you feeling frustrated, tired, and sad.

So how can you remove these blocks which limit thoughts and patterns?

Listen to your heart and heal by letting go.

By choosing to heal and create the shifts in your life with ease and joy, you will allow the transformations to unfold gracefully.

Letting Go of the Blockages

How many times have you found yourself going into your head to figure out what is “wrong,” and getting even more confused about how to overcome your blocks?

Your soul inside is sending you a huge message to wake up and listen to your heart instead of your head.

Society has laid out a program to think first, and then act. However, there is a huge missing piece. It is to tune into your heart first; listen to it, and then act. Your heart connects to your soul; and it is your higher self that aligns you to your soul’s purpose.

Your emotions tell you a lot. By listening to them, you allow what you are feeling, then you can take a step back and ask yourself where you have felt these emotions before and how it relates to your past upbringing from childhood.

Depending on how ready you are to let go of your belief system, you may still need to hang on to a percentage to learn more lessons from this experience for your own soul’s growth and healing. And that is totally okay.

As you are aligned to your soul’s purpose and move along your path, you may be in situations where you outgrow relationships with loved ones, colleagues, and even systems.

Taking personal responsibility is very important as this shift happens. What can most commonly happen is that a person might have a certain goal in mind and wants to get from point A to point B. However by co-creating with the universe to achieve point B, a certain aspect of point A that is creating a heavy weight and is not allowing the person to move forward will need to be released. Once that aspect is released, there is a quantum leap effect that takes place to move from point A to point B.

As this happens, it is important to be taking personal responsibility for your own shifts and healing. If you are not conscious of your shifts, you may create a healing crisis. A healing crisis creates a crisis for you to heal at a deep level in learning your soul’s lesson and moving forward.

Overcoming Crisis

An example: When a person knows they need a new career or want to improve their relationship with a partner, they know on a deeper level that something needs to release. That something is the subconscious programming that is no longer serving them and therefore healing is required to remove this programming. As they let that go of the old programming, whatever served that reality in his or her surroundings, will also shift and heal. They may create a situation of being let go from a job, or ending a relationship with their current partner to make space for a new partner. This may show up as a healing crisis if drama and chaos are created.

By choosing to heal and create the shifts in your life with ease and joy, you will allow the transformations to unfold gracefully.

The worst that can come out of this is blaming the situation on someone else without taking any personal responsibility, and not owning that your heart and soul truly wanted change. Personal empowerment is the key to freedom, and will show you a path of least resistance along your soul’s path in living in alignment to your soul’s purpose.

Living In Alignment

What are the results of living your soul’s purpose?

You heal; you are alive, awake, and aware of who you really are and why you are here on this planet; what you have come here to do; and how you can be of high service to yourself and others in allowing them to heal.

Depending on how ready you are to let go of your belief system, you may still need to hang on to a percentage to learn more lessons from this experience for your own soul’s growth and healing. And that is totally okay.

You will have discovered your gifts and talents and use them in integrity with your soul. This can only lead to expansion of your growth, balance, abundance and prosperity. The universe is here to support you in that, and now is the time for you to accept, allow, receive, heal, and align to your soul’s purpose.

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