Cosmic Connection Number 8

Sanjay B Jumaani & Jhernna S Jumaani

People born on the 8th, 17th and 26th of any month are termed as Number 8 people. They are ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is usually a planet which brings trials and tribulations in the first half of one’s life. In the latter half, things settle down and a person can look forward to success.

Number 8 people have to work a little harder than most to get what they deserve (unless they are born in wealthy homes). Compatibility is a very important aspect when it comes to teaming up together, be it personally or professionally. Let’s see how Number 8 people fare with others born with Numbers 1 to 9.

8 with 1

The Number 1 person would in all probability prove quite lucky and influential for the Number 8 person. Patience, resilience, will power and determination are what the Number 1 person can learn from the Number 8 person. The Number 1 person would be more outgoing than the usually reserved Number 8 person. This very quality usually makes the Number 8 person misinterpret the actions and intentions of the Number 1 person. Partnership in business though should be avoided.

8 with 2

The Number 2 person would be more sensitive of the two, and can get influenced by the spiritual side of the Number 8 person. Though initially the sparks could be very bright, the Number 8 person could be the misunderstood one, and there could be very moderate chemistry. But, if they still want to go ahead and make it work, then understanding each other’s weakness and handling them patiently could make things better. Using the color blue will also help improve ties.

8 with 3

The Number 3 person could prove to be quite fortunate for the Number 8 person, as things come a little easier to a Number 3 person than to a Number 8 person. Will power, determination and patience is what the Number 3 person can learn from the Number 8 person.

8 with 4

Normally this is not a very good blend of numbers and partnerships in business should be avoided. However, with efforts from both sides, there could be success with certain difficulties initially. Bringing both names on to harmonious numbers is a very good solution. Avoiding the color black and using more blue is another way to improve vibrations.

8 with 5

The Number 5 person would be lucky for the Number 8 person. In business, however, partnerships usually do not suit the Number 8 person. Will power, determination and patience are what the Number 5 person can learn from the Number 8 person; whereas the Number 8 person should learn to get more sociable and outgoing from the Number 5 person.

8 with 6

A profitable partnership, as the Number 8 person is a good planner, executor and thorough in research and analysis. While the Number 6 person, who is more sociable, would be a good manager and one who can deal with people well. On the monetary front, this partnership will however be more favorable for the Number 8 person. Will power and determination is what the Number 6 person can learn from the Number 8 person.

8 with 7

There would be financial gains if the Number 7 person is patient enough to understand the Number 8 person. The Number 7 person should use his intelligence to guide the business, and leave the wheeling and dealing to the Number 8 person. On the personal front, their thoughts would be more in sync spiritually.

8 with 8

Partnerships in business could end on a sour and bitter note. Hence caution must be exercised. Even in personal life, it is not a very happy mix and to make it work, a lot of sacrifices would have to be made. The best remedy would be to bring the vibrations of both names onto compatible numbers, but not before taking expert guidance.

8 with 9

Saturn and Mars are not exactly the best of friends; hence partnerships in business could end on a poor note. But if partnership is inevitable, then decision making and planning should be managed by the Number 8 person; whereas the implementation or finishing touches should be handled by the Number 9 person.

Cosmic_2_SanjaySanjay B Jumaani is a very popular numerologist and writes columns for leading newspapers and magazines in India and does live radio programs in Dubai and India. Known for prophesising the future of countries, politicians, films, game of cricket and events that rock the world – Jumaani has a vast clientele. He has been awarded the Bharat Nirman Super Achievers Award for Excellence in Numerology.

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