Upgrade Your Consciousness : Tools to Experience a Higher You

Chandresh Bhardwaj

Tools to Experience a Higher YOU!

We are in a race to make tons of money to buy things that we don’t need in order to impress people we don’t even like. It’s definitely time to evolve from this pattern and furthermore, we are certainly not in this world by accident. There is a grand scheme behind everything happening in our lives. The only way to unfold this grand scheme is to raise our vibrations to the same level as that of the creative universe. All we need is a bit of discipline and dash of effort to get things in order. Here are some tools that you may find helpful in bridging the gap between the current you and the higher you.

1. The tool of soul consciousness

You have to understand that you are beyond your body. The Sanskrit Maha-Kavya “Aham Brahmasmi” reminds us that existence lives within us. We are beyond sleeping, dreaming, and awakening states of consciousness. The tragic moments in life are certain and cannot be avoided. However, suffering is very much a matter of choice. Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. You don’t have to run away from the painful situations of life. Stand tall against everything; face it head-on knowing that you are not here to be at the mercy of circumstances. This is an awakening call for your soul. The soul consciousness helps us realize that we are divine beings having a human experience. The tool here is to simply witness and acknowledge the presence of the eternal soul within you. Beyond your body lies a vast dimension of infinite potential. Find it and use it!

2. The tool of human life

Not every living being experiences the liberty of having a life as a human being. Animals and plants cannot meditate or vibrate on the level of human auric fields. According to Eastern sages, it takes a great deal of work to be born as a human. Human life comes with the amazing and magical power of karma. Your action, or karma, has everything it needs to rewire your life. Everything in life has the potential to be rerouted to the path of divinity. Our karma doesn’t end with this life. In fact, birth and death are mere phases in this journey of experiencing the divine truth. We simply change forms from one birth to another. The karma of this life creates the foundation of our journey after this life. The tool here is to understand the power of karma and to utilize it the best way in this human life. Choose actions that bring abundance and satisfaction to you and do not cause harm to others.


3. The tool of present moment

If your brain is depleted of all its memories, you will have no notion of your past. That’s how one needs to approach life, at times. The present moment is all that matters. Living in the past is living an illusion that doesn’t exist beyond your brain. Nostalgia causes us to impose our own perceptions onto the events that happened in our past; however, the way that they really happened is not at all how our brain remembers the past. When looking at the past, we always see it either happier than it was or worse than it actually was.

Learn to bring your consciousness into this moment where everything exists in all its glory. The greed for life or fear of death has no business in the present moment. The divine cosmic all around you is pregnant with unconditional love and ready to shower you with it, if you will allow it. Don’t put yourself in a tug of war between the past and the future. It is in the present moment that your creativity will find its flow. The tool here is to pause for a moment and acknowledge the whole universe trying to manifest itself through you. Breathe deeply, smile and breathe again into this moment of transformation. At any moment, we can choose to let go of our past, stop worrying about the future and really allow ourselves to be present here and now.


4. The tool of thoughts

The power of our thoughts is probably one of the most significant tools we have been gifted. The surprising fact is that almost all of us rarely think of a new thought. All of our thoughts are simply a by-product of our previous thoughts and we keep replaying the same thoughts over and over. This conditioned pattern of thoughts manifests a very monotonous life and energy force around us. By changing your thoughts, letting go of old ways of thinking, you give yourself an opportunity to experience a newer you and a different life completely. You don’t have to always react to situations in the same way as you always have. You don’t have to take the same route to work everyday. You can break your norms! Go beyond your programmed brain because that’s where your higher self resides. The tool here is the immense power of our thought process. A simple shift in the way you think can change how you experience the world. Tap into this power by observing and eliminating any repetitive or negative pattern in your consciousness. One  easy way is to tell yourself that whatever you think may just come true. Reminding yourself of this miraculous power will bring about an empowering change.


5. The tool of meditation

Meditation today is becoming more of a fashion statement than a tool for transformation. If you must make it a part of your fashion, then know that it has the power to reveal the real you unlike any other fashion products on the market. Meditation allows you the boldness to be who you really are. With daily meditation, you stop pretending and start being. There’s nothing more divine than devoting 24 minutes (one minute for each hour) every day to connect to your inner self. The experience of meditation may vary from person to person, but its ultimate destination is always the same, that is, attaining nirvana. The elevated consciousness is an effortless outcome of meditation practice. The tool here is the meditative lifestyle blended with surrendering the ego. No person has experienced a higher state of awareness in its egoistic self. A teacher or guru in meditation helps you to surrender your ego, thus making it easier for you to move smoothly in this blissful state. Finding the guru may be a tough task but when the student is ready, the teacher surely appears!


Upg_Consc_5_ChandreshChandresh Bhardwaj is the founder of the self-realization center – Break The Norms Movement, and has launched Uncensored Spirituality Foundation. Bhardwaj is one of the youngest inspirational new age teachers and the seventh generation spiritual guide pursuing initiatives in the eastern science of healing and transformation. He conducts public talks and workshops. He is a published writer and promotes spiritual dialogue in meditation, repressed emotions, and Tantra. www.cbmeditates.com

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