Jump Start the New Year with Feng Shui

By: Pandit Gopal Sharma

To greet the New Year, set aside a few hours to give your house, bedroom or office a gift. Just remember, the New Year is a special guest – welcome it in a grand way!

    Out With The Old

1. Declutter: Clutter, or even disorderliness, creates negative energy in a space. There should always be positive energy flowing in every corner of your room. If you have clutter, it must be removed immediately; especially from the central part since it serves as the heart of the property. Good lighting is very vital in a room for it is the ultimate energy source. As for rooms where natural light is not adequately available, painting the walls yellow also helps as it signifies light from the sun.
2. Vacuum the Floors: Get the stale energy out by keeping the floors clean.
3. Do the Laundry: Don’t have dirty clothes lying around. You can throw in a load or two while you de-clutter. Be sure to fold and put the clean clothes in order.
4. Clean the Bathroom: Bathrooms must be kept clean and dry. Bathroom doors must be closed at all times to keep negative energy away.
5. Clean out the Refrigerator: Check the expiration date on food items, soft drinks, medicines etc. Throw out items that have expired.
6. Change the Sheets and Towels: Ensure that you have clean sheets on the beds and use fresh towels
7.  Clean the Car: This is what gets you around during the year. Drive through a car wash, take out the trash and do a quick cleaning.


     In With the New

1. Fill Your Pantry and Kitchen: Stock the refrigerator with healthy food and make sure the pantry is also well-stocked. It is bad Feng Shui to have an empty refrigerator and pantry. If you have baskets in the pantry or on countertops, be sure to fill them with fresh eatables.
2. Got Citrus?: Oranges are excellent symbols for the New Year and the Chinese often celebrate the New Year by rolling oranges (symbols of gold) into the house. Place a big bowl of oranges in a central location in the house, next to dishes of nuts or candies to symbolize an abundant, fruitful home.
3. Buy a New Plant: Put a beautiful new plant in the East zone sector of your house or office to symbolize a healthy beginning. You can also display some beautiful flowers to symbolize good health in the coming year. Nature can be represented by plants and putting them inside the living room can bring healing and nurturing. But if the plants die, they can attract negative energy, so you have to take them out of the room immediately.
4. Welcome Good News: Place a golden bell in the Northwestern corner of your home, office or bedroom to bring good news from helpful people. Like old school bells? If so, place one of these in the Northwestern corner of your yard for your social life to flourish.
5. Hang New Calendars: What better way to greet the New Year than by throwing out the old one?
6. Fill Your Wallet: You don’t want to go into the New Year with an empty wallet. Put some money in your wallet — or better yet — go and buy a new wallet (red is the best!) or purse and start your financial planning with new vigor.
7. Invite a Toad to Your House: Place an old clay pot upside down next to a water feature so a toad can make its home here as they are believed to invite money into the household; they’re especially nice by the door. You can also place replicas of toads near the door.
8. Feed the Birds: Bird are excellent Feng Shui and believed to bring good news. Fill your feeders or put out a feeder for the New Year.
9. Have Fun and Celebrate: Fun is good Feng Shui. A happy vibrant home or space is a good space, so plan a party or some kind of a happy gathering. Remember, a home or office with good Feng Shui is easy to spot, where everyone goes and doesn’t want to leave! Make your space that kind of place!
Just Add Water
The water element is the first natural element that we come to know as humans. We need water in our homes and our lives, yet few homes have adequate water. Make it a goal this year to bring water in to your home in the form of a fountain, a pond, an aquarium, a water fall – even drinking more water will help. You can also add elements with the color blue in the Northern zone.
Adding water to your environment will help to insulate you from the bumps of life. Mind is racing and life is stress-filled? Visit a lake, pond or beach to clear your mind and find the answers you are looking for. The body knows before the mind, so if you find yourself unable to quench your thirst, be ready for a change to come to your life. It is your body’s way of helping you handle the change.
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