Enriching Your Home with Mirrors

Pandit Gopal Sharma

In modern and contemporary architecture, mirrors have become part of every home décor. Interior designers use mirrors to create space and modern homes use decorated framed mirrors as accent pieces. Some people love to make use of Mirror rentals to try a variety of styles in their home, for their events or creative pursuits. In Feng Shui, mirrors are the cheapest and most useful enhancers you can purchase. Mirrors can be used to deflect bad luck, attract love, increase wealth, and create abundance. But you have to be careful as with the yin and yang of all things, the use of mirrors is a double-edged sword! Wrongful use of mirrors can cause rifts in relationship, decline of wealth, poor health, disputes, and even litigation. If you’re looking for the perfect mirror, check Just Lovely Products inspirational mirrors for your home.

Uses of mirrors

Using mirrors for fortune and abundance


Mirrors are great “doublers” of wealth and fortune. When used at the right place, mirrors do wonders in activating luck for abundance. For example, you may place a mirror next to your cash register to “create a second cash register” and double your money. Placing a wall length mirror on the North, Northeast, and East sides of your restaurant, symbolizes unlimited stream of customers. (You will notice that restaurants with this feature do really well.) Casinos in Malaysia and Hong Kong are very famous for their mirrors, especially the casino resort in Genting, Malaysia, which has mirrors on every pillar, and even on the ceiling! For the home, place a large mirror in your dining room. This is very auspicious as it represents the notion that you will always have enough to eat; or you can say that it will double your energy which leads to more work, better results, hence more finances.

Using mirrors to avoid problems related to health, career and relationships

Some houses, which are created in irregular shapes, such as L-shaped houses, seem to miss out on one or more of the eight aspiration sectors that are vital for success. For example, a L-shaped house may not have the Southeast sector which represents wealth, or the North corner which represents career.

One of my clients in Zambia who had the Northeast (education) corner missing in his house, complained of the unsatisfactory performances of his children and his constant mental stress. We fixed a suitable mirror with wonderful results. When the Northeast, North, East or West corner is cut, placing a mirror on the wall of the missing area automatically extends/balances that zone. This is particularly effective in the Northeast zone of an office or cabin, or the living room/dining/study room; but must be avoided in the bedroom. There are many more remedies for other missing directions i.e. use of a water feature in the Northeast/North, keeping a plant or wooden wind chimes in the Southeast, metal wind chimes in the Northwest/West, putting a focus light in the missing corner of Southeast or South, and use of crystals in the Southwest.

Using mirrors for love and harmony

Here’s a great way to enhance a woman’s attractiveness. According to an old Taoist Feng Shui ritual, a woman’s beauty can be greatly enhanced and made more attractive to the male species if she can harness the yin rays of the moon. The moon is known to have profound effects on women and their hormonal cycles; so perhaps this traditional ritual has merit. The moon, considered the yin counterpart to the sun, is said to embody the powerful yin energy, which benefits the role of the highly desired female.

For harnessing the rays of the moon, place a perfectly round vanity mirror with a strong and heavy metal base outside your balcony or porch to capture the reflection on a full moon night. Leave it outside for about 3-4 hours to soak up the moon energy and just before sunrise, bring it in and place it in a pouch (unexposed to sunlight). Use this mirror to reflect your own face when applying makeup or lipstick especially before a big date! If you have a male friend you’d like to attract, shine the mirror at his face once. Be careful to only do this with someone you’re very serious about, as this ritual has been known to bring immediate results. When not in use, keep it encased in a soft silk pouch.

Recharge your mirror every full moon and do not let others touch your mirror. Your mirror is very personal and the chi that it stores for you should be kept unblemished by someone else’s chi.

Note: Before charging the mirror with moon energy, make sure you cleanse your mirror of impure chi when you first purchase it. Cleansing can be done by washing it with moon water (water left outside to collect the rays of the moon) with dissolved salt.

Using mirrors as protection from health problems

Mirrors are said to possess protection powers. Mirrors can be used to deflect shar chi. Women who live on their own should always carry a small mirror in their handbags as protection against unwelcome company.

According to traditional Taoist Feng Shui, a protection mirror needs to be of silver and preferably with gold plating and the symbol of longevity engraved on the back. The longevity symbol is an emblem of health and also a protection against premature and unnatural death. Keeping such a mirror will save you from accidents as well.

Mirror taboos


Mirrors have taboos too. If used incorrectly, they can create potent Feng Shui imbalance.
Avoid Mirrors in the Bedroom
If you are married, do not place any mirrors in the bedroom that reflect your bed. I have seen numerous bedrooms in the U.S. and Canada where mirrors cover the closet’s sliding doors, from floor to ceiling, and directly reflect the bed.

Place them inside a cupboard door (which you can close) or in your bathroom. The best thing is to place them inside a walk-in closet or even inside the changing room. We have numerous examples and feedback from people where a mirror in the bedroom caused increased marital problems and quarrels and in some cases even separation. It is strongly believed in China that since mirrors reflect people in the bedroom, it symbolizes a “third person” in the relationship. If you have a mirror in your bedroom which cannot be removed, please cover it with a thick cloth or a curtain when not in use; or shifted to a position that does not reflect the bedroom door or the bed. Please remember that any reflective surfaces like a TV or computer also have similar effects.

Avoid mirrors at the entrance

This common problem is prevalent in many homes. When you have a mirror facing the entrance of the door, any luck that enters your home gets reflected out again! As the negative chi enters your living abode, the mirror reflects your door; making it believe that there’s another door in front. Symbolically luck entering from one door goes straight out through another door.

I hope these recommendations benefit you and help you in leading a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Mirrors_4_PanditLuminary in many fields, Gopal Sharma, is a world renowned astrologer and Vaastu/Feng Shui expert. He is also an eminent consultant to a number of large industrial/business houses across the globe. His illustrious students and clientele include Hellmann Germany, Birlas, Thapars, Jindals, Suryas, Choice Group USA, Piramal Group, Marriott Hotel USA, Ansal Group of Companies, Patanjali Yogpeeth along with many leading banks. Moreover, he has to his credit 42 books including many bestsellers in Hindi, English and Greek. www.panditgopalsharma.com

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