Feng Shui for Prosperity

Pandit Gopal Sharma

The kitchen is the room where meals are prepared, so this area provides nourishment for the home’s inhabitants. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the kitchen is connected to your prosperity and its condition reveals a great deal about your financial situation.

A clean, efficient kitchen suggests that you are comfortable with money matters and aren’t troubled by financial woes. A disorganized, dirty, or poorly operating kitchen indicates confusion, difficulties, or conflicts where money is concerned. Cures to attract wealth, therefore, are frequently implemented in the kitchen. The stove is the focal point of the kitchen. This is where food is prepared and money is generated. If possible, position the stove so that the cook can interact with other people in the kitchen.

Here are some useful tips for increasing prosperity in life – through the focal room in your house – the kitchen!

Create a balance of all five elements in your kitchen

In a glass jar or container, place a wooden spoon, a knife, a long fireplace match or lighter, and a ceramic cooking implement. This cure combines articles that represent all five Chinese elements to establish balance in your kitchen and encourage prosperity.


Turn on your stove for at least ten minutes every day

The Chinese believe that the stove generates prosperity because this is where we prepare meals to nourish ourselves and our loved ones. But to take advantage of the stove’s wealth- producing potential, you must use it regularly, even if you only light a burner to make a cup of tea.


Hang a mirror beside your stove

If your stove is positioned in a corner against a wall, you feel cramped while cooking. This situation can constrict your earning ability. To alleviate it, hang a mirror on the side wall to create the illusion of space – you’ll be assured of significant improvements.

Fill a jar with pennies and bury it outside your kitchen

When you do this cure, you are planting “seed money” that will grow steadily in time.

Replace a washer in a leaky kitchen faucet

A dripping faucet in the kitchen, where wealth is generated, can cause money to slowly leak away. This cure has powerful, symbolic qualities—and practical ones, as well. To keep money from slipping away, strictly avoid leakage of water from the taps.

Fill a small red envelope with rice and place it on a shelf in your kitchen

Rice is a staple food in China and a symbol of prosperity. Red is a lucky color, so this combination encourages financial good luck.

Tie three I Ching coins together with a red ribbon and hang them above your stove

These coins, which have square holes in the center, are lucky talismans – especially when tied together with a lucky red ribbon. Three is considered a fortunate number in China and it is the number of growth. Hanging the coins above your stove increases wealth generating possibilities.

Put a live plant in your kitchen

Plants symbolize growth and new life. By putting a plant in your kitchen, you encourage financial growth. For best results, pot a plant with round leaves in a shiny golden, silver or copper container.

Pot plants in earthenware or ceramic containers

Use this cure if money passes through your hands too quickly. Terracotta and ceramic pottery containers represent the earth element and help to secure your finances.

Replace low-wattage light bulbs in your kitchen with brighter ones

Brighter lights not only enable you to see better when you are working but also stimulate positive chi and prosperity. Incandescent or full spectrum lights are generally easier on the eyes than fluorescent bulbs.

Place a bowl or jar near your front door and drop a penny in it each time you go out or come in

Chi enters your home through the front door. Because positive chi enhances whatever it touches, it stimulates financial growth when it encounters the coins. From a psychological perspective, each time you drop a coin in the bowl, you reaffirm your intention to become more prosperous.


Hang a small, faceted crystal ball or set a piece of clear quartz crystal at a kitchen window

Crystals reflect light and boost its money-generating potential. This cure is especially good to use in small kitchens that don’t receive much natural light, or that aren’t used very often.

Illuminate dark corners in your kitchen

Hang a small, faceted crystal ball or a light catcher from the ceiling in a shadowy corner to reflect light into the darkness. For best results, hang the crystal from a piece of red cord that is nine inches long (nine is the number of fulfillment and red is considered a lucky “fire” color).

Place a vase of yellow flowers in your kitchen

Flowers symbolize the stage of blossoming and fulfillment in the life cycle; therefore, they encourage prosperity when placed in your kitchen. Yellow is the color of the sun, and gold reminds you of your goal to increase your wealth. For best results, put the flowers in a green vase.

Fengshui_5_PanditLuminary in many fields, Pt. Gopal Sharma, is a world renowned astrologer and Vaastu/Feng Shui expert. He is also an eminent consultant to a number of large industrial/business houses across the globe. His illustrious students and clientele include Hellmann Germany, Birlas, Thapars, Jindals, Suryas, Choice Group USA, Piramal Group, Marriott Hotel USA, Ansal Group of Companies, Patanjali Yogpeeth along with many leading banks. Moreover, he has to his credit 42 books including many bestsellers in Hindi, English and Greek. www.panditgopalsharma.com

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