Healing Color Energy

Ernesto Zollo

You can use the power of your mind with the energy of color to change your world. You create your world by thoughts and actions. You are your thoughts and your thoughts are you, so it is so important to think positive thoughts. Think a positive thought and add the needed color to that thought. This empowers that thought with color energy. You are then ready to use your energized thought. It’s like having a charger on a motorcar; when you need the power to get out of trouble, it’s there. So is the power of your mind when it is supercharged with color energy. Use color energy to help heal pain or problems in your life. Use color energy to help change your mood, feel good, or attract a lover. Also, to make friends, get a job, gain confidence, spice up your sex life, or eliminate your stress. Of course any change must be sought after and diligently followed up with direct and conscious intent in order to sustain change.

I worked with thousands of people and had more than 40 years of study and more than 30 years of art tuition experience before the secrets of colors were revealed to me. What is easy is sometimes hard to find because you have to look and want to find it. Color is the universal language and once I learned to use it, I became connected to the universe.

Healing_Colour_2If you are feeling down, change the color of your clothes or the colors around you. this can have a powerful effect on your mood. For instance, if you are wearing grey, change it to red or yellow and you will be amazed at the difference it makes. Add the color directly to your thoughts and energize your mind and body with positive thought energy. Colors can change your mood, feelings, thoughts, actions, speech, vision, sex drive, relationships and health. It can change your outlook to others and yourself, the way you think and look at your world. Choosing the color you need is easy to do, start with the seven rainbow colors first and then you can add other colors like pink, brown and mixed colors. You can add white to a color to lighten the color, black to darken the color. It is best to use pure colors first and then move on if you feel the need to. Different colors have different effects on people. For instance, you can use red for energy or to spice up your sex life. orange can be used to gain more love and happiness. Yellow will attract more friendships and good communication, and the list goes on. All colors have their individual energies.

Some colors can affect your health, especially where an illness brings on depression, stress or feelings of low self-esteem. Colors can do a great deal to bring you back to good health. First, you must choose the color you need to help your natural remedial processes. Go through the color choice process by looking at different colors and feel which one is needed. Your immune system will be aided in returning to good health with the correct choice of colors. Your energies and the energy of the remedial color will aid each other and energize the appropriate areas to get you back to good health. the time between implementation and noticing the health benefits can vary depending on the degree of illness and how long or intensely you use the color energy.

Healing_Colour_3I believe energy flows in the body as colors and that we have the ability to add to it. the emotions and feelings control the flow of energy in the body. negative emotions are feelings created by low color, drab neutral colors and negative energy in the body. negative color energy flow creates pain, stress, anxiety and an ill feeling. the mind is overactive and a feeling of tiredness and worry is created, which then creates stress and can cause illness if not addressed. Positive emotions create bright colors and energies in the body. Positive color energy creates a sense of peace, clear head, relaxed mind and body, and eliminates stress. to heal the mind or body, add color energy to thought and then visualize the color energy flowing throughout your body. Allow it to flow down your body and then back up until a new energy is felt. this new feeling of energy means the color energy flow has begun to work. Keep the flow and energy going as long as you need to for health or healing.

I am a color psychic because I understand color and its meaning and possible uses. I can sense, see and sketch an image of a person’s outer color. the color choice made by the person will illuminate their path into the future; other colors may be required to achieve a better path to the future. Understanding the psychic energy and power of colors can assist in this.

So, color your world now and do not wait any longer. Live your life as you were meant to live, in true living color.


Ernesto Zollo was born in Italy and came to Australia when he was 6 years old. He was a soldier, artist, sculptor, designer, shop owner, movie director, art tutor and writer. He has been writing ever since and enjoys sharing his creative mind with all who are interested. Ernesto Zollo is an artist art tutor and colortutoring psychic.

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