The Perfect Balance Diet


Ms. Coffey’s excellent book is a fresh new look at a perfectly balanced diet that leads us to taking care of ourselves, looking good, feeling great, functioning optimally, and loving the life we have. She says that the goal of the diet is to “help you be the best YOU that you can be.”

Many situations make us imperfect, such as too much stress, too much work, not enough relaxation, hunger, and overeating resulting in excess weight. This book’s theme is about a perfectly balanced diet that provides the right amount and types of calories to maintain all the body systems.

The Perfect Balance Diet is based upon Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old Science of Life. The author proposes a four-week program that is suitable to one’s mind/body (dosha) type. As per Ayurveda, four specific important areas of our life should be focused on: body, mind, spirit, and space. The questions about what we eat (body), what we think (mind), how we feel (spirit), and how we react to our environment (space) are explored, analyzed, and thoroughly answered.

The program inspires you to be mindful and watchful about eating and putting on weight. Coffey suggests a plan (recipes are included) that brings awareness to what we consume physically, mentally, emotionally, and environmentally. The author identifies what changes we should make in our diet, what we should eat, how should we relax and interact with others, and ultimately bring balance to our lives. Losing weight, gaining balance, and making lifestyle changes result in joy and happiness.

The book discusses many recipes; each one is valuable for people who are out of balance. The role of dietary aspects of different types of food, such as fruits, vegetables, spices, carbohydrates, and protein are explained in a gentle manner without being too scientific.
The Perfect Balance Diet is a “must read” book for those aspiring to good health and happiness.

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