A New You in the New Year

Chandresh Bhardwaj

As this year comes to an end, some of us will reflect upon the past while some of us will start to plan for the future. What can you do to make this New Year better than the past ones? If you continue to do the same things, you will continue to get the same results. A change is needed if you wish to have a better sense of awareness, belonging and happiness. Let this New Year be a year of a new you. Do things that you have always felt like doing but felt restricted for some reason. Follow the path that seems a little scary but yet feels so right in your heart. Of course, when you take risks there is always a chance that you may not find success and get hurt. But no one has discovered the truth of life by following the safe, easy route. Mistakes and experiments are part of our journey. Don’t be afraid to venture into uncharted territory!

Here are some suggestions to create a new you in the New Year:

1) No resolution is the new resolution

Ask yourself what happens to your resolutions a month after you create them? They disappear for most of us. Most people even casually joke about it. Your soul has a tendency to evolve all the time but if you restrict yourself for a future promise, the soul wouldn’t want to restrict itself. It will continue to move toward your deep conditioned conscious choice. Hence, setting your resolution, in my opinion, is blocking yourself from any new experience. I am not saying that you shouldn’t set any dreams or visions for yourself. Planning is good, but keep some space for new opportunities to open up. Replace your resolutions with ILU in New Year. ILU stands for intention, love, and unity in your vision for the New Year.

Intention – Your intention is more important than your action. The right intention will generate the right circumstances to happen. When you visualize what you would like to see in your life, ask yourself what you intend to achieve out of it? Make sure your intention contributes to your wellness and to those around you.

Love – Any resolution or goal is irrelevant if there’s no love in it. Do you feel loved while working for your goal? Will you be able to give love to others when you will be pursuing your dream? The vibrations of love will help you to set an uplifting mood for the upcoming year.

Unity – Unity refers to the unified consciousness residing in you. Unified consciousness refers to a state where you experience yourself as more than your physical body, social status, and financial signature. You experience highest state of awareness in this sacred stage. Your vision must be set keeping in mind that it will help you reach the higher states of your soul.

2) Trinity of being whole

Acceptance – Accept yourself as a whole, otherwise your personality will always reflect a hole in it. It’s quite obvious that in this age of the never-ending rat race, you will be told to become something and to achieve a certain target in life. But in this conquest of becoming something, you may end up losing your original self.

Forgiveness – We all make mistakes. It is human to err every now and again. But fear not, because your human wrongdoings will eventually lead you to a divine doing. Just allow yourself to move without the fear of making a mistake. Forgive yourself often. This is an important part in accepting yourself as a seeker.

Togetherness – The concept of being together is so hyped and yet so underutilized. We need to revisit the whole art of togetherness. Start being together with your inner self to begin with and then work on being together with the people around you. For example, the word “soulmate” is so unfairly restricted to just romantic couples. Rather, this word should apply to the entire globe. Soulmate literally means friend or mate of the soul. Imagine a world where we treat everyone as a friend of the soul! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

The best example to learn from is the mother-child relationship. A child becomes a child because of the mother. A mother gets the title of mother only because of the child. No matter how many arguments or hardships happen, a mother and child will never stop loving each other. The bond between them is so strong that nothing can shake the relationship. This is exactly how we need to build the togetherness in our souls. Let this New Year be a year of togetherness!


Meditation for a new you in the New Year

  • Take a deep breath and sit with your spine straight.
  • Watch your breath silently for the next few moments.
  • Bring your awareness to your heart and create your intention. Your intention could be stated as, “My intention is to experience my highest potential in the New Year. I intend to be at my very best every day in every way.”
  • Release the intention with faith that it will be manifested in its own time.
  • Take your awareness to your third eye and keep watching your third eye for the next few moments.
  • Very gently, start your mantra* or affirmation. Continue to repeat it for a few minutes.
  • Conclude your meditation by expressing your sincere gratitude to the Universe.
  • *Do the mantra that you have already been doing. If you don’t have a mantra, you may do Lord Shiva’s mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya, which means: I am pure consciousness. I am pure awareness.

Meditation guidelines

  • Keep a clean space for meditation.
  • Light a candle or burn some incense if they help you to create a better environment.
  • Wear relaxed and clean clothes.
  • Repeat the meditation every day for good results.

NewYear3Chandresh Bhardwaj is the founder of the self-realization center – Break The Norms Movement, and has launched Uncensored Spirituality Foundation. Bhardwaj is one of the youngest inspirational new age teachers and the seventh generation spiritual guide pursuing initiatives in the eastern science of healing and transformation. He conducts public talks and workshops.He is a published writer and promotes spiritual dialogue in meditation, repressed emotions, and Tantra. www.cbmeditates.com

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