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Ashok Ojha

Can yoga and meditation help create a smooth passage for men and women seeking separation and divorce? Should health food and herbs be prescribed to support the characteristics of different planetary signs? According to authors Heather Frenner and Stephanie Gailing, the answer to both questions is in the affirmative. In their respective books, they present innovative interpretation of holistic medicine and therapies. While the author of “Planetary Apothecary” applies medical astrology to modern day health care needs, yoga instructor Heather Frenner in her short book, “Peaceful Separation/ Peaceful Divorce,” suggests maintaining joy and bliss in separation and divorce with the help of yoga postures.

Planetary Apothecary: An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness.
By Stephanie Gailing, Crossing Press, 232 pages

Prescription based on medical astrology.

If people with the Virgo sign cherish spa and wellness therapies, the same should be true for the rest of wellness seekers too. However, the author of “Planetary Apothecary” offers herbs, medicines and therapies based on your Sun and Moon signs. “Practitioners of medical astrology utilize the information gleaned from their clients’ personalized astrology charts to offer them custom designed wellness solutions,” says Gailing .

Gailing helps the reader navigate the maze of health foods, natural remedies, and self-care treatments available today,choosing those that are aligned with disposition, constitution, and health needs. The book is divided into twelve chapters, each dedicated to a zodiac sign. Each chapter includes individualized wellness profiles, as well as holistic health approaches targeted for the astrological personalities and temperaments.

According to the book, yoga posture Virabhadrasana that heats up the legs and moves the blood through the whole body, is perfect for the pioneering and champion-spirited Arien. As an earth sign, Taureans clearly understand how food can nurture their physical health, and as sensualists they also derive much pleasure from food. As Taureans get great pleasure from beautiful fragrances, vanilla is an essential oil that can be good for them. The gentle, restorative pose of legs-up-the-wall Viparita Karni inspires calm and relaxation, helps with Cancerian water retention, and can move blood through the stomach and reproductive organs. A flower, fruit, or herb not only promotes physical well-being but also elicits positive sentiments – from the joyful to the tranquil, to please a sensitive Cancerian.

Peaceful Separation/Peaceful Divorce
By Heather Frenner, RYT, AuthorHouse, 85 pages

Exhale the painful experience of life.

“Take a piece of paper, write down every single painful experience you have endured with your partner, close your eyes and try to relive these situations. Take a deep breath in, embrace all of these situations and experiences, and release them as you slowly exhale. Now, take the piece of paper filled with toxic emotion and discard it. You don’t have these situations,” advises yoga instructor and author Heather Frenner in “Peaceful Separation/Peaceful Divorce.” Love and yoga are at the center of her explanation. She wants to bring harmony, wisdom and peace through love that may turn into poison when a relationship becomes sour.

How to keep peace in love and in separation? Frenner offers seven ideas linked with seven days of the week. The author wants to activate the fourth chakra on Monday. Located in the chest, the fourth chakra originates at the source of love. The author advises the readers to practice the butterfly pose Baddha Konasana. She prescribes Padmasana, the glorious lotus pose that destroys all diseases. This pose symbolizes wisdom to make the right choice in love so that it may not turn into hatred for each other. She advises Uttpluthi uplifting pose to help separate and divorce gracefully. Matsyendrasana, the seated spinal twist pose, activates the third chakra known as Manipura chakra. It is located in the intentions and desires become the seeds of conscious manifestation.

The author suggests detaching ourselves from all of human degradation inflected upon ourselves. “We can’t embrace hatred by being passive. At the same time we can’t fight with negative energy. By simply detaching ourselves from all the turmoil and chaos, we achieve maximum results. Let the universe handle every detail in your intentions of peace, harmony, laughter, and love,” Frenner concludes.

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