Synergizing Tools for Body, Mind, Soul Integration: Mantra and Crystal

Dr. Bharat S. Thakkar

Mantra Yoga and the Primal Sound

Crystal Healing

Spirituality is the key in achieving peace of mind and heartwarming bliss. As the saying goes, the running water does not flow back. So is life. To truly enrich life, to experience the soul force, and to discover truth from existing myths, I recommend the scholarly-written book, “Mantra Yoga and the Primal Sound” by Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri). The logical narration by Dr. Frawley leads us systematically towards the understanding of the power of mantra in executing our lives to inner peace and bliss. Vedic philosophy and the overall analysis of mantra yoga suggests that to attain the spiritual state of mind there are multiple tools of which mantra is one of the most important in healing the wounds and scars in the mind, body and soul. In achieving divine intimacy (Brahm-Bhav) with the Supreme Being and a highly satisfying personal peaceful life, the exploration of sounds, words, and meaning in a mantra becomes a mission for all of humanity if we are to become happy and peaceful.

Dr. Frawley has written volumes on the theme of Vedantic traditions and scriptures. He has left no stones unturned in studying the depth of Hinduism. He discusses the union and one-ness with the “big bang” vibrations and resonance, science of spirituality, and wisdom of knowing the “self.” For those who are seeking truths in Vedantic philosophy and would like to reap the benefits of mantra therapy, this is a “must-read” book. It does address the rhymes and rhythms (sounds) of our day-to-day personal and spiritual life by understanding and reciting mantra specific to one’s nature (prakriti). I strongly recommend this book to search the “self” through mantra modulations in sounds and words.

Crystal healing is not new. It has been around for centuries and people around the world have used it often to heal physical aches and pains and for positive change in body, mind and soul interactions. The proper use of crystals energizes, heals illnesses, and helps break bad habits. The book “Crystal Healing” by Judy Hall describes the effects of crystals on body, mind, emotions, spirit, and relaxation. There are a total of twelve crystals described as healers for a variety of diseases. There are specific crystals for specific ailments, organs, and bodily systems and subsystems.

The photographs in the book illustrating the placement of crystals for specific effects are helpful. The data presented shows where and how long the crystals should be placed to get the positive energy flow and change in the physical anatomy (described as Chakras). The Chakra map in the book illustrates graphically how easily the benefits of crystal healing can be derived. It also helps in balancing the energy level in the body and cleansing the causes of illness. The ultimate goal in crystal healing is to have peace, harmony, and spiritual bliss and remove the negative energy. Judy Hall’s “Crystal Healing” gives us hope that this phenomenon will be understood and will be accepted as a well  recognized therapy.

It is proven beyond doubt that the cosmic energy vibrations are there in the environment since the beginning of planet Earth. Energy resonance and filter are the key mechanisms yet to be understood. Research shows that the effects are not just placebo. It has lot to do with the energy fields of an individual and that of the Earth. I recommend this book for those who are curious about the therapeutic benefits of crystal healing.

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