Chanting Om- Connect to the Heart of Being

Huguette Castaneda

Daily we rise to breathe the breath of heaven, see the beauty of the rising sun, and move with the stirring of the wind that dispels the stagnation of air. We receive the refreshing drops of liquid poured upon us by the clouds. The earth is nourished by water, air and sun. All things grow for the sole purpose of our enjoyment and nourishment.

Are we grateful? Are we seeing the caring from the earth and the sky? What is it that keeps us blind to our every day gifts?


A sacred symbol
Centuries ago, a sacred symbol was given to us to acknowledge the source of our abundance. The sacred word, Om, is described as the seed of potential, the sound of the universe, and the sacred symbol of creation. The One created the breath of life. This breath created the tree of life of which we are all a part. Seen from our perspective, we are small trees in a mighty forest of the universe. Seen from above, we are the Tree of Life. The All exists as One.

As described in the Signs and Symbols Bible, the “Om is a sacred Hindu sound.” It is chanted AUM. It is varied in script and in toning in other religious gatherings and rituals. “It is one of the greatest mantras. It is composed of three sounds A-U-M. The letter ‘A’ represents creation that comes forth from the seed of the god Brahma. The letter ‘U’ refers to Vishnu who preserves the world by holding Brahma on a lotus above himself. The letter ‘M’ symbolizes disintegration or destruction to bring all back to the essence.”

Some cultures chant it AU M. Others will tone it OM. It is also translated into the AMEN of Christianity. All forms activate the fire in the heart of being.

In all religions and rituals, all forms of sounds, have called us back to acknowledge the greater self that is part of all that is. Our difficulty is that we let ourselves be strangled by the fibers of fear that exist in the magnetic layout in the sands of created times. That difficulty is overcome as we tone the Om and let it vibrate through our being.

Ted Andrews states in his book Sacred Sounds, that “…the prolonged ‘O’ affects the energy of another’s auric field. The humming of the ‘M’ produces an internal awakening of the divine. The Om has the power to release and create anew so that we can move on to higher realms and realizations.”

The body can then be aligned and re-attuned to the sound of the universe. This attunement extends into each of the chakras that play the music of the sphere. Each chakra or wheel is tuned to a specific frequency as in a piano keyboard. The color is matched to the frequency and note. Each wheel is like a bowl of water that vibrates the molecules of that chakra space. Our bodies, being more than 70 percent water, are constantly responding to the frequencies around us that often bring our sensitive instruments into a chaotic state.

Each day you can visualize a different aspect of the wheel. In complete centering, the universe answers the call to Oneness. This is the state where the abundance is created for your earth journey. It is always present in the dimension. All you need is to remove the obstacles. This is the work of the vibrational Om. It will clear and cleanse the auric field.

Do we wish to remember that our reality is an attunement to the music of the sphere? Or do we want to feel the desperation of everyday confusion? The former will let us experience joy, and the latter will trap us into fear.


We can use the Om in meditation to recall our connection to the center. What center, where, in what? The real center in the void is the all that is. The void will bring us into the fullness of being.

Centering brings forth our sacred self. It releases the distractions, the self-depleting scripts, the doubts, the insecurities, the aloneness, the desperation, the unworthiness that keeps us trapped in a web of fear and density. Once we let go, we enter a meditative state that releases our light body self into the light where we can be filled with the all, with the fullness of life, with the Oneness. Here the “At-One-Ness” is a merging of the created self into the center of One – the invisible creator.

The gifts of OM

Om is the ever-powerful symbol of abundance. It is our gift from the universe. It provides us with health, abundance, harmony, wisdom, peace, love, joy, and much more. All gifts are always present to us. In our light body, we are full to the brim with abundance. Can the small self in us accept its divine inheritance?


Come to the sacred center. Enter in. Use each mantra to create anew your gifts. How so? Disease and blockages are the enemies of health. We are like a river of energy ever flowing. Our task is to clear the way for health.

Today I receive the gift of my health. In my divine center I am healthy and radiant. Vibrate Om. I can be so because the infinite has created beauty, vibrancy, and I am healthy. It is our right to receive that, which already is.


In this moment, I accept the gift of my abundance. Vibrate Om. Daily you nourish and nurture me in nature, with food, air, sun, water and through the flow of prosperity that support my needs and those of my family as you have since the beginning of time. I am grateful for my abundance.

In the now moment, the All is ever present. We need only to let go of the obstacles, the blockages that hinder us from receiving fully and accepting our gifts of abundance from the source of One.


In my meditation, I meet you in the void and I am filled with a fullness that radiates joy. Om, I am radiant. My heart overflows with light and joy that I beam to others. I rejoice in my joy.

We are specks of the light and flames from the heart of love.

Open your heart wholeheartedly to experience our bliss. Experience the joy.


My unity with you, O One, stills my mind and quiets my fears. Let the Om resonate through every fiber of your being. I live in the center of the heart of being. Now I know peace, the true peace that lives within.

In our expansion, we learn that in stretching the fibers of our earth suit, we can experience the true light that we are.


I center in my Om, I enter into the heart of existence. Om is love. I am a creation of divine love centered in the heart of love. The Om is the symbol of unity. ‘O,’ the circle, the Oneness of All that is. It unifies us with God, Oneness, with an all-encompassing presence.


Vibrate Om in the center of your being and affirm: I call on wisdom to fill my body, my mind, my heart with wisdom that I may know who I truly am and live in the Oneness of light. Om.

Wisdom is an aspect of the divine feminine. It unifies the thought of creation with the fullness of love so that Om may be manifested in physicality. Om is the acknowledgement of the Divine Mother and the creation of the Word.

It is only in the divine wisdom that we begin to recognize the possibilities of our being as One. In our body, which I call our earth suit, we often get lost and trapped in the energy of density. We have forgotten that we came to renew, remember who we are. We are a speck of divine light, a flame from the heart of the One.


Let Om fill all your living space. See the beauty in your surroundings. Affirm: I live in harmony with myself, with my fellow travelers, with nature. I am the expression of the Om. I am the expression of the creator. I am that I am. So be it and so it is through the will of divine love. To live in harmony, it is necessary to see the unison of all the previous qualities to be merged as one. The heart is always the center of emergence and acknowledgement.

That being said, can we deny who we are or can we accept our treasures and receive them?

With the sound of Om, we say, vibrate through us that we may be as you are One. Our inner being then responds Amen. The translation of amen – so be it, resonates the activation into manifestation. Let it be, we say, and so it is by the power of existence within, it becomes a reality without.

Chanting_3_OmHuguette Castaneda resides in Naples, Fla. Originally from Princeton, NJ, where she raised her sons, she attended Thomas Edison State College, Trenton State College and Seton Hall University. Castaneda continues to pursue her passion for writing, much of which is based on her religious studies, journaling, service in the ministry, and love of nature.

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