To Stay Safe during Coronavirus Outbreak make sure You Breathe Well

Baishali Mukherjee

Health is wealth. The ongoing crisis resulting from Coronavirus pandemic has once again reiterated this fact very poignantly. Known to be an infectious virus, Covid 19 aka Coronavirus badly affects our respiratory system. Till date there exists no drug, cure or treatment to put a stop to this virus. In such a situation the best precaution we can take is to make our respiratory system stronger and healthier.

Covid 19 or novel coronavirus has a number of similarities and symptoms like that of flu but in essence it is deadlier, as it has been seen to take a serious toll on our respiratory system and make the breathing process very difficult. Hence, during this pandemic, it has become very imperative for all of us to be concerned about our lung’s health. Let us all start taking good and proper care of our lungs and preserve their healthy state like we do for all other parts of our body.

While immunity boosting remains the critical cog in tackling coronavirus, our lung health is also very significant issue as it ensures protection for our respiratory system. The lung provides oxygen supply to the entire body and without its proper function our body will lack its most vital resource – oxygen. Besides, the lung uses mucus to safeguard it and combat with germs and bacteria. Lungs also age as we grow old and get weaker which in turn can affect our lives and general wellbeing. This is another reason why lung health is critical in maintaining proper body functions.

Follow these tips to boost your lung health –

Quit or reduce smoking

Smoking can cause lung cancer and numerous other respiratory issues due to the harmful chemicals present in what we are inhaling while we smoke. Moreover, it harms our lung and weakens its ability, which in turn results in breathing problems. Remember! Smoking can also lead to faster aging of our lungs. Make a healthy choice during this time of crisis and quit smoking or start taking efforts by reducing the numbers, to begin with.

Start a workout routine

 All over the world more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of physical exercise and are joining, gyms, Yoga, acrobat, zumba dance and other classes to stay fit and maintain a healthy life style.

Any form of working out also helps us keep our lungs in a healthy state. When we exercise our heart start beating faster and making our lungs inflate and work more forcefully, which boosts our lung capacity. Breathing exercises are another great way to enhance the strength and ability of our lung. During deep breathing our lungs start working which makes them more able while helping us relax and reduce stress and anxiety.

Stay away from pollution or pollutants

The harmful effects of pollution have the potential to severely affect our lungs rendering them old and worn-out before time. It is only by staying away from pollutants that we can safeguard our lungs and maintain their health during this pandemic.

As we continue our struggle with Coronavirus, let us decide to stay away from polluted areas and also from passive smoking. We must be careful about keeping our homes sanitised and dust or germ-free, and avoid in-taking chemicals by means of synthetic scents or perfumes.

Maintain healthy habits

Lungs turn weak and prone to infections with age. Hence, it’s essential to take required measures to keep the lung infection-free by regular hand washing, eating a healthy as well as balanced diet, and drinking safe water in order to lessen toxins present in our body and also to boost our body’s immunity.

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