How Keeping the Home Sanitized Can Save You from Coronavirus

Baishali Mukherjee

Almost everyone in this world is now under lock-down and spending days in home to stay safe from coronavirus contamination. However, as life needs to go on, and this going on is impossible without food, many of us need to go out from time to time to procure the provisions.

Next time you make a trip to the grocer’s keep the following ‘to-do note’ with you to maintain required safety measures. The note also deals with other significant safety measures.

Read on!

Plan ahead of time

  • Assign someone specific to be run the errands in order to limit exposures
  • Designate an area for disinfecting or sanitizing the packages brought from markets or stores

Things you’ll need

  • Sanitizers or disinfectants
  • Washing detergent
  • Bin bags
  • Prescription medicines
  • Canned, frozen, and dry foods

Once out remember these

  • Maintain nearly six feet distance from others
  • Always wipe the cart or basket handles on during shopping
  • Use masks and gloves, wash hands repeatedly and not to touch the face


Once back remember these

  • Immediately after getting home go for washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds
  • Sanitize the boxes and packages at the sanitizing station you have set up
  • Meticulously wash the provisions before storing them in the kitchen


Always sanitize

  • Sanitize every single thing that you have touched including, switches, doorknobs, locks and keys, mobile phone etc.
  • Use sanitizers and disinfectants that are EPA-approved leaving the disinfected surfaces wet for 4-5 minutes


Dealing with delivery

  • Make sure that the deliveries are dropped off at the doorstep, even after collecting mails from the letter box, wash your hands rigorously.
  • If delivery executives must come in, maintain a six feet distance from them
  • Avail online payment as much possible


Dealing with guests

  • It is pragmatic not to invite guests at present
  • If you are hosting relatives or friends make arrangement for separate living spaces. If they need to enter the space of you are living, make sure to keep six feet distance.


Dealing with pets

  • Oversee your pets in the courtyard, you can play with them outside but remember to maintain 6 feet distance from other people
  • If you’re sick, it is better to assign someone else to take care of the pet/s. If there isn’t anyone to assign the responsibility of your pet, wash your hands often.


What to do if a member of the family is unwell

  • As a first step, talk to a doctor
  • Make them live in isolation in a different room with a separate restroom and also ask them to wear a mask
  • Avoid sharing items with your sick family member
  • Put on gloves while cleaning their laundry; keep washing your hands frequently and rigorously.



  • Make washing of clothes, towels and linens a daily habit. Sun drying is recommended
  • Sanitize the laundry hamper as well
  • Avoid shaking unwashed laundry to stop areal scattering of the virus
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