Transdermal Marma System The 21st Century Warrior against Pranic Imbalance

Vaidya R.K. Mishra and Sarita-Linda Rocco

Deha Prana Samyoga Ayuh
Life is the flow of prana in the body. Prana is the force that animates all life. Ideal health is defined as prana flowing to every system of our body. It enters our physiology through the intake of food, water, breath and sound. Ayurveda explains that prana has three primary components called soma, agni and marut. Soma is characterized in the ancient texts as the substance that carries the vibrational energy of the moon, while agni carries the vibrational energy of the sun. Marut is an expression of the air and space elements. These three components of prana constantly interact with our physiology through our involvement with nature and our environment. Prana mainly enters the body through the Mahamarma (Adhipati marma), located on the top of the head, and goes directly to the sushumna nadi (spine), through this. All other marmas (energy points) are ineffective without this marma.

Prana’s nature is to be in constant motion. Interrupting or corrupting prana’s flow invites stagnation, toxicity and disease. Prana travels through the body via a “superhighway” – a complex network of pathways or channels called the nadis. Nadis are interdependent – one nadi with excellent flow can support compromised ones. However, the nadis have become overburdened due to the increase of EMF (electromagnetic frequency) and EMR (electromagnetic radiation) overload.


According to Ayurvedic and yogic perspectives, toxin overload is the etiological factor for many imbalances and diseases, and among all existing toxins on our planet, vibrational toxins (EMF/EMR) are the worst. They are responsible for many of our modern diseases. Today’s world of advances in modern technology allows us to access information, entertainment and knowledge at a pace never before imagined. With our constant cell phone, iPad, and internet access, our lives are busier and faster, and we are exposed to dangerous levels of EMF/ EMR toxins that challenge the flow of our precious prana, and disrupt its flow with electrical “synthetic prana.” It is virtually impossible to avoid exposure to it, as it is invisible and subtle in nature, and travels through space and air.

Scientific studies show that exposure to EMF can cause:

    • Increased risk of breast cancer.
    • Breaks in the DNA strands of human cell
    • cultures (genotoxic).
    • Neurological disorders, reproductive
    • defects, other cancers.
    • Disruption of cerebral blood flow.
    • Disruption of brain electrical impulses.
    • Dry eye symptoms and vision problems.
    • Suppression of the pineal gland.
    • Reduction of melatonin production.
    • Heart arrythmia and heart attacks.

Natural therapeutics for protecting Prana from EMF:

    • Use indoor plants at home and in the office to purify air.
    • Walk under the moonlight when the moon is full or near full.
    • Lay down on the earth; clean sand or clay soil is the best.
    • Walk near water and rest under big, green trees.
    • Splash the eyes with cool water.
    • Take regular breaks from computer work and breathe deeply.
    • Enjoy the scent of fragrant flowers. Inhale their aroma in nature, grow them in your garden, or decorate your home with cut flowers.


Marma therapy
Marma Chikitsa is very effective for protecting the pranic flow. Marmas receive, supply and purify pranic energy as it moves to our organs, systems and cells. Every one of our Marmas is connected to the heart lotus, so EMF/EMR moving through the nadis will eventually disrupt the heart vibration. Ayurvedic Marma practices are very effective for mitigating this problem.

There are a total of 107 marma points in one body (besides the spine). Marma points are specific points on the physiology where the physical and subtle bodies meet. They respond to the sense of touch. They are the loci of Prana. We call the Marma points “switches” that “turn on” (or off ) the flow of universal intelligence in the body, and thus support (or repress) life. Through Transdermal Marma System we address the problem of EMF/EMR on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and vibrational.

Facial Marma system for EMF/EMR protection
Use your ring finger and do circles: 7, 14 or 21 times on each point in the order shown. Do slow clockwise circles on the right side, and slow counterclockwise circles on the left side. Always use a light touch.

Samadhi Marma system for EMF/EMR protection
The Samadhi practice includes the use of herbs applied on specific marma points to coordinate the functioning between the mind, body, heart and soul to support the flow of Prana.

Samadhi Marma practice

    • Practice everyday for ultimate EMF/ EMR protection.
    • Do 7, 14 or 21 circles using a light touch.
    • Do clockwise circles on the right and counterclockwise circles on the left.
    • Pause after each point. Breathe deeply one to three times.
    • Pause for a moment, reflecting in silence.

Divine herbs for heart-mind connection:

    • Arjuna – Strengthens physical and emotional heart; helps overcome emotional challenges.
    • Ashoka – Dissolves grief.
    • Brahmi – Strengthens the important aspects of the intellect (dhi, dritti, smritti).
    • Tulsi – Enhances coordination between the senses and the mind.

The timeless wisdom of Ayurveda offers us the knowledge of natural and therapeutic practices to mitigate the ravages of EMF/EMR environmental toxins. It can return our physiology to equilibrium, and our mind and heart to a state of peace. Embracing this knowledge is every soul’s birthright.

Marma_system_4_VaidyaVaidya R. K. Mishra is an Ayurvedic health practitioner, product formulator, researcher, and educator, born into a family of Raj Vaidyas that boasts a 5000-year history of healing. His familial lineage is traced in the ancient Vedic text, the Puranas. His in-depth theoretical knowledge of the classical Ayurvedic texts is accompanied by his unparalleled compassionate practical healing skills. He holds a GAMS (Graduate of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) degree from Bihar University and a Sanskrit degree from KSD University. Vaidya Mishra has formulated many effective, top-selling products. His practice of pulse diagnosis in North America for the last 17years has given him a deep understanding of the vast new burdens imposed on the modern physiology and mind, body, heart and soul connection. Vaidya Mishra has formed two companies, Chandi LLC and Adishakti LLC.

Marma_system_5_SaritaYogini Sarita-Linda Rocco, SVA Health Practitioner WEA Sadhaka Adept, CSYT has been practicing and teaching Ayurveda/Yogsadhanas for the past 25 years. She teaches with insight gained through Guru Diksa, personal experience, and ongoing dedication to the unchanging truths of the sacred texts. She teaches extensively, including daily classes, practitioner trainings, private mentoring and community seva. Sarita continues her lifelong Ayurveda studies under the tutelage of Vaidya R. K. Mishra, and her guru, Mother Maya (Maya Tiwari).

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