Transcend the Recession with Power of Consciousness

By: Chandresh Bhardwaj

With stock markets going haywire and the term “recession” becoming more prevalent than ever, it’s tough to be in the “Zen” state of mind. Indeed anyone can remain happy and content in favorable times; it takes a true leader to stand strong in challenging ones. Don’t let yourself be a victim of the recession. Yes, it is a demanding time but like diamonds—formed under intense pressure—we, too, will rise flourishing. You cannot control or change the entire economy, but by not building the recession within you, the battle is won. As they say, life is not about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond to it. So, what can be done to uplift the consciousness in these times? Is there any golden formula? Truthfully, there are no formulas; however this is the beauty of our consciousness. It is infinite and ever evolving. If we stick to a certain formula then consciousness will become obsolete before we explore it. Yet, there are certain habits if followed with discipline and dedication that summon a transformation in us. Here are a few “Beat the Recession” tips to evoke a change:

Stop Analyzing: Don’t over-analyze your life. You will end up worrying about things that don’t even exist. This habit of thinking too much and analyzing everything might be beneficial in business decisions, but not in everyday life. As they say, “If you didn’t hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.”

Build Your Brainpower: Books are your best friends. Spend an hour at a bookstore or online and you will find a number of great books. Choose your own topic of study. It will not only occupy your mind gainfully, but it will also build a habit of acquiring knowledge for a higher good. A good way would be to highlight the important points and record them in your diary. After a few years, you will build powerful information for self growth.

Meditate: Meditation is listening to the voice of the cosmic. Meditation on a daily basis can energize your mind to a great extent. It’s important that meditation be done under the guidance of a qualified teacher. When you meditate, you are working with your mind. Give it the best treatment. Disciplined meditation sessions will provide numerous benefits in personal and professional life. Start with fifteen minutes a day and extend to at least an hour within six months.

Say Thank You: How often are we thankful for the small things in our lives? We remember to express gratitude for the big outcomes, but how about cherishing and appreciating the small pleasures of life? Be thankful for the sunshine, or for the smile of a baby, or for simply being in the moment. Whenever we feel appreciated for anything in life, it tends to multiply to higher levels. Choose today what you want to be thankful for.

Keep Home and Office Life Separate: Don’t bring your personal life to the office and vice versa. When you reach your office, face the challenges of the day like a soldier. When you reach home, be your best self ever. If your role at the office clashes with your role at home, then you have some issues to resolve. By living this rule, you will be able to make the most of your personal and professional life.

Surprise Yourself: Stop living a monotonous life. When you do something repeatedly, your brain repeats that habit blindly without any effort. This hampers the growth of the brain. Keep rewiring your brain by doing something different and surprising every day. It could be listening to eclectic music or taking a different route to work. Remember that small things will take you to greater heights.

Reach Out To Your Guru: Last but not the least, seek a spiritual guru to uplift your consciousness. A guru will give you guidance to face challenges with wisdom and serenity. As it is said, “When the student is ready, the guru appears.” Prepare yourself to be in the presence of the guru, and he will appear to hold your hand while walking you through the tough roads of life.

Our life is nothing more than our intentions which manifest into actions. Let’s choose the right intention and raise consciousness to live beyond the fields of judgement, rights and wrongs.

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