Wellness Therapies Ayurveda Offers

Dr. Rekha Shukla, MD Ayurveda

Before knowing the therapies of Ayurveda, it is necessary to know the actual reason, why Ayurveda is said to be a relaxing yet disease free medication.

To start from the beginning, Ayurveda is a concept which was introduced in ancient India, where people were given treatment through nature based medications. The concept of Ayurveda relies on a healthy o and disease free living.

In today’s time Ayurveda is known all over the world. It is important to note that Ayurveda not only offers wellness therapies but also medication by using natural ingredients to cure a numbers of ailments and diseases.

Ayurveda therapies are offered to people across age groups including infant, adult, and old people. Ayurveda has no restriction to any particular age group.

The concept of Wellness is referred to as a state of complete mental, social and physical health, while avoiding illness and weakness. Ayuredic medicine, massages, yoga, and an Ayurvedic diet are all key components of sound mental and physical health and wellness according to Ayurveda.

To know the wellness therapies that Ayurveda offers; let us glance at the different kinds of smooth yet relaxing nature based therapies.


Abhyangam – duration: 45 minutes

To improve your blood circulation, immunity, skin completion, and mind, Abyangam is the best yet essential Ayurveda therapy. Ayurveda experts give smooth massages starting from the head to the toe by using fresh lukewarm Aryurvedic oil. The time taken for this relaxing zone is 45 minutes.

Shiro Vasthy – duration: 30 minutes

Shiro Vasthy is a traditional name which means a solution to cure the major problems like memory aliments, sleep disturbances, and headaches. The procedure is like to be started by fixing a long chef type cap on the head and later medicated by lukewarm oil for exactly 30 minutes.

Scrub n Trim – duration: repeated sessions

It is a conceptual therapy designed for weight reduction. The procedure includes herbal powder scrub after an exotic and vaso-dilating therapy with warm herbal bags in oil / decoction. The scrub and trim therapy will give results only through repeated sessions. The vital benefits of this therapy are to cut down weight and ensure slimming. It also helps in enhancement of the skin and shaping of the body.

Udvarthanam – duration: 45 minutes

Udvarthanam means an herbal therapy for the weight reduction. Herbal paste or powder is applied all over the body and given a deep and smooth massage. The therapy helps in exfoliating the whole body and removing the unwanted substance from the body. It benefits in toning of the skin and muscle and helps in reducing weight.

Stress Away – duration: 90 minutes

Hectic and long commutes are big stress boosters that add strains to the brain. To reduce or to relieve the stress and strain away, this Ayurvedic therapy through the use of a solution, ensures absolute wellness. The treatment takes approximately 90 minutes in which an easy compression is given on different body points that relieve muscle pains, aches, swelling, and headache. It also improves problems like sleep disturbance, constipation, and discomforts caused by jetlags.

Facialduration: 45 minutes

The concept of Aryurvedic is not limited to mental or physical health only. It is now introduced to retain facial balance as well. This ultimate therapy gives relaxation to the facial senses, while treating the skin by using essential facial oils. The therapy includes cleansing, steaming, and applying face packs. The procedure approximately takes 45 minutes to and gives you a fresh yet relaxing face.

I am going to conclude the article with some highly effective Ayurvedic treatment offered by Birla Ayurveda which includes offering the experience and aura of Ayurveda to newborns.


Ayurvedic treatments for children as per the age –

0 months- 5 years :-Shishuabhyangam – 30 minutes session
5 years – 10 years :- Kishorabhyangam – 30 minutes session
10 years – 16 years :- Kumarabhyangam – 30 minutes session

Benefits/ Advantages
• Relaxes and calms the mind
• Increases circulation
• Stimulates digestion
• Encourages free flow of lymphatic fluid
• Enhances function of major as well as minor organs
• Boosts growth factors
• Nourishes the body as well as the brain

Dr RekhaDr. Rekha Shukla is a BAMS (MD) associated with Birla Ayurveda. She is an Ayurveda consultant with 7 years of experience and specialises in lifestyle disorders and dietary advice. Dr. Shukla is well-known for making accurate diagnosis.

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