Raw Food for Real People


The positive effects of consuming raw food are many. In his book, “Raw food for Real People,” author Rod Rotondi attributes his good health to a diet predominantly made up of raw foods. Rod has used his unique experience and perspective to translate world cuisine into delicious and affordable raw, organic, and vegan offerings. He launched “Leaf Organics,” a business of packaged raw, vegan, and certified-organic entrees, wraps, salads, dips, desserts, and crackers. He advocates eating food derived from plants and discourages eating cooked food. He believes that eating cooked food will make one less energetic.

“The unadulterated real food from nature is integral to conscious eating and giving ourselves best food,” Rod comments. In his book, Rod gently walks the reader towards setting up a raw food kitchen with basic tools of a regular kitchen. He talks about sprouting the seed that make it into plants. “By eating sprout, humans are able to access energy and nutrition. You can draw energy from environment if you eat sprout,” he says.

Based on his experience of living in the Sinai desert, Rod learned the virtue of dehydration, a process to make food for travel. He says, “One of the beauties of dehydration is that it allows us to create food with solid and crispy textures.”

The book has a long list of recipes. Aided by colorful photographs, Rod demonstrates how to make tasty food from raw ingredients. From soup to ice cream – everything vegan finds a place in this book. It includes the chewy and slightly sweet Mango Bread; Cashew Kreme Cheeze made of lemon, coconut oil, garlic and other ingredients; and Sprouted Chickpea Hummus.

At the end of an exhaustive list of delicious vegan food, Rod challenges the reader to eat the healthiest foods without any guilt. He wants us to eat food with gusto and appreciation as “attitude and attention are powerful allies to conscious eating.”

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