The Power of Ashtanga Yoga: Developing a Practice that will Bring You Strength, Flexibility, and Inner Peace

Dr. Bharat S. Thakkar

“The Power of ashtanga Yoga,” written by kino MacGregor, is a visual book with comprehensive illustrations and instructions. ashtanga Yoga emphasizes methods with postures and breathing, and is portrayed as a path of spiritual transformation and personal development. The author describes her own yoga journey from a young age – an inspiring journey to all newcomers and seasoned yoga practitioners. her discovery about yoga was that it provides more than physical benefits; it is a tool for emotional and spiritual healing, a source of lasting peace.

In the practice of ashtanga Yoga, the breath is synchronized with movement, along with attention to create a meditative and purifying state of mind. When practiced for a continuous duration, physical and mental weaknesses dissolve, and good health, and self-awareness arise.

Ashtanga is a Sanskrit word; Ashta means eight and Anga mean limbs. It literally means “eight-limbed yoga.” ashtanga Yoga is a path of conscious living and spiritual practice that guides one towards self-knowledge, liberation and the end of personal suffering. Its practice provides us with the tools to explore and uncover deeper aspects of existence, and discover our interconnectedness with all living beings.

Most of us believe there is more to life than we can explain or comprehend, and we want to connect to some greater mystery and find something more meaningful than our solitary self. The author of The Power of Ashtanga Yoga suggests that the practice has unique potential to transform the mind, its energy, and general well-being of all sincere practitioners.

This book will surely add to the readers’ understanding of the deeper aspects of ashtanga Yoga.

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