Being of Power : The 9 Practices to Ignite an Empowered Life

Dr. Bharat S. Thakkar

“Being of Power” is a guide to transformation by dissolving obstacles, and to achieving an ‘empowered’ life by accessing the inner knowledge we have within us.

The nine practices suggested by Baptiste are based upon Eastern philosophy where yoga is a proven practice. The author’s first practice is to commit to internal transformation, which is the basis of the other eight practices. This practice opens our mind to the power available within us, freeing us from our assumed limitations, and melting away obstacles.

The second practice is about gradually taking off masks we wear daily. These masks block our inner energies. Our self-condemnation prevents us from taking risks or focusing on things that are important to us. This practice puts us in charge of our own power of being, living, and connecting.

Other practices in Baptiste’s Yoga training lead us into self-realization, and to getting comfortable about not knowing everything. “I don’t know” is a powerful sentence that allows us access to creative energy and self-discovery. Baptiste’s primary thesis is that we are all whole and complete, and lacking nothing. The problem lies within us in not believing that this is true. We need to remove heavy blocks of disempowerment, fear, resentment, and blame to relieve ourselves from the pain of suffering.

Defying the lie is another great practice proposed by the author. The message is to root out a lie that was ruling our life. Just declare “no more.” The last practice in this book is about finding the correct alignment in life. It is the harmony and integrity in what we think, what we say, and what we do to feel happy all the time.

In dark moments when our soul is squeezed, these nine practices help overcome the blockages in our path and awaken our strength. Baptiste Yoga and its practices are worth pursuing, and I recommend this book to enrich the lives of readers.

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