Covid-19 – Why Immunity is the Key

Baishali Mukherjee

Covid-19 is a reality the whole world is witnessing today. While doctors and health care personnel are busy serving humanity and finding cure, we as humans have some responsibilities towards ourselves and to others. One of the key efforts we can take is to keep us healthy both mentally and physically.

We all know by now that the virus is deadlier for people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes and blood pressure. Hence, immunity is the key factor here for all of us. During this trying time one of our major duties is to stay fit and build our immunity.

Here is what we can do to boost immunity –

1. Regularly intake of healthy foods
2. Proper hydration
3. Taking care of personal hygiene
4. Quit smoking and reducing other addictions like alcohol
5. Working out, practicing Yoga and meditation to reduce stress levels
6. Sleeping well

Diet is important

To make a healthy choice, increase intake of protein. At the time of virus attack, body cells are often destroyed rendering us physically weak. Protein is responsible for building and recreating body cells which in turn makes the body stronger. Hence a protein rich meal with items like yogurt, butter milk, lentils, beans, nuts (almonds /walnuts) & seeds (sunflower, sesame or pumpkin), eggs, fish and meat (chicken) can go a long way in strengthening our immunity. Ginger, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon are also powerful immunity boosters. Not to forget a daily dose of fruits like papaya, citrus fruits, guava, kiwi, and berries.

Working out is the way forward

Only diet will not help us stay healthy; it is extremely critical to work out or exercise which enhances metabolism and releases happy hormones. Opt between a half an hour walk, treadmill, exercising or Yoga.

Reduce stress to stay strong

Stress and panic are indispensable parts of life which affect our mind, body, and general well-being – Corona Virus only reiterated this fact. Stress and anxiety typically lead to negative thoughts and distressing health symptoms and are often difficult to deal with which in turn can impinge on the quality of life we live.
Good news is, there exist a host of self-help techniques that can help us cope with panic and stress and make us feel relaxed, calmer, and in control. Breathing exercise, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization are some such methodologies which reduce stress.

Yoga as a technique includes all these well-acclaimed relaxation practices. Moreover, yoga along with meditation has now been accepted as a potential remedy for easing stress, reducing nervousness, and building mindfulness. Lastly, ensure a good night’s sleep of at least eight hours to strengthen the body’s healing power and to build antibodies and cells to fight against virus or any other infection.

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