Peace with Meditation

Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhji

Meditation should be the first lesson that must be taught to everyone right from childhood.

“Now” is where there is no tomorrow and no yesterday The window of Now, the window of the present Is liberation from yesterday which has gone and Liberation from tomorrow that is yet to come It is liberation from past. It is liberation from future It is just being in the present  not from the head but from the heart.

You have heard people say words such as: This is from my heart, I wrote from my heart, or, I was just going with the flow. What are they referring to? They are referring to an inner experience that we call “Tejasthan” which is beyond the language of mind. All these experiences are of going beyond the mind and when you are there, the words that will emerge from there will make you wonder of their existence! You will ponder, “How did such a composition of words take shape? Such compositions never emerged before!” When a poet composes an exquisite piece of poetry, he himself is amazed. He wonders, “How did such a lovely piece of poetry emerge from me? How did this exquisite symphony of words take place?” The poet knows the words but not how to combine and compose them. As soon as he moves away from his ego (his individual state of existence created by the thoughts in his mind), when he transcends his mind and reaches the heart, Tejasthan (a thoughtless state, the source), such compositions begin to emerge.

This state is like a window with the word “now” written on it. Now is where there is no tomorrow and no yesterday. The window of now, the window of the present is liberation from yesterday which has gone and liberation from tomorrow that is yet to come. It is liberation from past. It is liberation from future. It is just being present not through the mind but from the heart.

Peace through Meditation

Many techniques have been devised to detach the mind from one’s thoughts. All these techniques are known as techniques of meditation. Their purpose is one – to experience the state of no-mind; to bathe in the vast and serene ocean of peace, brimming within us. It is through meditation that peace is attained, experienced and lived. The mind is known to create problems. In order to shift focus from a problem, any technique can be employed. At such times if you perform even a small meditation session for yourself, it will be of immense help as it takes your mind away from the problem. You can practice any technique you may have learnt. Methods of chanting, meditation, devotion, etc. may be used any time to access the infinite source of peace within you.

Meditation should be the first lesson that must be taught to everyone right from childhood. If everyone learns to access their inner source before taking decisions, the decisions will have a different dimension and purpose altogether. Lives can get transformed. Every time you need help, dive in to consult the source and you shall receive guidance. Guidance that is connected to the consciousness and which permeates the entire world will not just change your life but will deeply impact the lives of others as well. The peace within will help you choose.

A king asked a sage, “For the benefit of all please tell me in one sentence what is the essence of religion?”

The sage replied, “I will tell you in one word.” The King eagerly exclaimed, “Yes holy master, please tell me that word.” “Silence.”

“How can we attain this Silence?”

“By meditating.”

“How should we meditate?”

“By residing in Silence.”

All leaders should consult the inner source within them before taking key decisions. Organizations should have a practice of starting every meeting by asking everyone to close their eyes and shift to their heart and wait to see if any guidance is received. You may even pause during the meetings and ask everyone to check within for any guidance. When it comes to performing duties at work if leaders and all individuals know the approach of establishing contact with their heart (Tejasthan) instead of focusing on grabbing attention and credit, then great achievements are possible. Many marvelous creations are waiting to manifest on Earth, but people are not yet ready for them. When each of us will walk on the pathway leading us to peace, supreme manifestations will take place on Earth.

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