Good Health with Vaastu

By: Pandit Gopal Sharma

By following the principles of Vaastu, laid down by ancient indian scholars, we try to do away with negative energy and promote peace and well-being. People who work in buildings designed on Vaastu principles find that they think more clearly and creatively, make better decisions, and feel happier and healthier.

Vaastu provides a set of principles for the general layout of a place, furniture placement and interior décor of the built environment – including landscaping, gardens, car parks, storage facilities etc. these principles produce a balancing and harmonizing affect on the environment and its inhabitants.

The following are basic rules for ensuring good health:

1. Never sleep with your head facing the North. It is preferable to face the South, East or West to achieve peaceful and restful sleep
2. Face either the North or East while working, studying, or negotiating with clients. It helps to increase the memory and facilitates sharp decision-making. The Northeast and West directions are also suitable for some people.
3. Avoid facing the South/Southwest while cooking, eating, or drinking. Your face should preferably be towards the East or West for better taste and digestion. Having a door at the back while cooking may lead to backache and pain in the legs. In case one faces the South while cooking, acute pain in the shoulders and even cervical pain is possible. Since granite is a hard stone and does not absorb heat, it should not be used as a cooking platform in the kitchen.
4. To ensure good health and harmony in the house, we must avoid putting mirrors/reflective surfaces, wall clocks, any water features like ornamental fountains or aquariums on the South, Southwest or Southeast walls. Even pictures depicting water can be injurious to health.
5. For better concentration and devotion, your face should be towards the East or West while worshipping.
6. While sleeping, the part of the body that is reflected in the mirror or any reflective surface could get afflicted by a chronic disease.
7. The color of the roof should be white and the color of the walls should not be too bright and fluorescent. Light pastel colors are preferred.
8. Keep Tulsi (Holy Basil) in the house to purify the air. Avoid cactii, rubber plants, milky plants and bonsai in the house as they add to tension, illness and stunted growth of the children.
9. Keeping medicines in the kitchen increases their consumption. They should be kept in a box or cupboard to remain healthy.
10. To avoid health problems related to the heart and brain, wooden beds without a boxy frame are preferred. Avoid sleeping on metal beds.
11. An area which is consistently damp or smells of dampness without any apparent cause is an area of “negative energy.” As per Vaastu, one should not build or stay in a structure where there is dampness all the time.
12. To minimize disorders related to the heart and nervous system, avoid usage of the space below the staircase for bathrooms, toilets and pantry.
13. Construction of stairs, toilets or kitchen in the Northeast corner of the property may lead to cancer and brain-related disorders. It especially slows the growth of small children in the family. Spiral staircases should be avoided as they may lead to stomach problems, even operations.
14. Swimming pools or any other underground water bodies should be constructed in the North, East or Northeast areas of the plot.
15. Many diseases such as arthritis, swelling in the joints, pain in the knees,ailments of the eyes, boils, wounds, mental disorders, piles, diabetes, hypertension, and nasal congestion are alleviated by the use of pyramid-energized water and pyramid assemblies.
16. If one has a problem of sleeplessness, a pyramid kept under the pillow helps one to sleep soundly and feel refreshed.
17. f it is used for young children, it not only helps them relax but also improves their memory and widens the scope of their minds.
18. Minimize EMFs (Electro-magnetic frequencies) like TV sets, computers, music systems etc. in the bedroom for sound sleep.

Good_Health_2_Pt-GopalPandit Gopal Sharma: Born in a renowned family of Vedic scholars and spiritual healers, Pt. Gopal Sharma, an engineering graduate from the Delhi College of Engineering, is a luminary in many fields. For over a decade, he has been doing extensive research in ancient sciences like Vaastu, Feng Shui, Pyramid and numerous facets of astrology. A much-awarded person and corporate advisor to leading business houses in India and abroad, he has 37 books on various subjects to his credit. He is the Vice President of All India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies with 120 centers across the globe, and founder President of the Institute of Vaastu & Joyful Living. Pt. Sharma is also the President of Aadi Shankaracharya Vedic Education Society, engaged in the process of establishing an international university near Jaipur in Rajasthan (India), with a mission to impart world-class education in the fields of Vaastu, Vedanta, yoga, astrology and other professional courses.

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