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Have you ever woken up and thought, “That same dream again?” or “What a nightmare?” or “Wonder what that dream meant?” If you have, you’re not alone. I mean this in two ways. All of us dream every night. However, many do not remember what they dreamed about and if they do remember; there is a lack of understanding as to the meaning of their dreams.

First is to understand that dreaming is a natural part of our sleep cycle. We dream to restore, resolve and rejuvenate our mind, body and soul. Dreaming is our own unique communication with our inner wisdom; a wisdom connection that we are born with. When we sleep, our mind rests, and is more acceptable to receive messages.

We are born with energy fields that surround the body (auras) and energy fields inside the body (chakras). this energy is continuously changing and vibrating with the universe. that’s right, we are continuously sending and receiving messages. one way we send messages is through our thought process and one way we receive messages is through our dreams. When you really stop and think about this, it is powerful to know and understand that we are always connected and communicating with the universe.

Now the question becomes who are we connecting and communicating with? the answer is another form of energy located in the spiritual realm referred to as our spirit guides. this is the second way I refer to you’re never alone. our spirit guide(s) are tasked with protecting, guiding, healing, helping and astrological travel. While they will be performing their tasks in many different ways, one of the ways is through our dreams.

With an understanding of why we dream, how we connect, and whom we are connecting with, let’s explore the meaning of your dreams. Since we are communicating in our own unique way, the meaning of your dream will be different from someone else who may have the same dream as you. the reason for this is because each of us experience life differently and we each have our own life’s purpose. Imagine that you are dreaming about a yellow flower. Some may see that yellow flower as a rose, while others would see the yellow flower as a tulip, a sunflower, a black-eyed susan, a daisy or daffodil, etc. It all depends on what your experience is with flowers as to the meaning. the same would hold true if you were dreaming about a dog. you may see an image of a small dog, a large dog, a certain color dog, your pet, or a certain breed of dog. It all depends on your experience with dogs. For some, the dog would be friendly, to others not so friendly. that would depend on what your experience with dogs has been. example: have you ever been bitten by a dog and now have a fear of them or has your experience been a playful and loving experience?

Recognizing images in your dreams is important. equally important is the emotion you feel, as well as the colors and sounds. they all mean something, but what?

Begin by keeping a dream journal. It can be just a pad of paper or an actual journal. Keep the journal next to your bed. When you feel that you are starting to wake up, don’t open your eyes. I repeat, don’t open your eyes. For most, as soon as you open your eyes, you will forget what you were dreaming about. Instead lie still for a minute or two and try to recall those last few images, thoughts, sounds, colors and anything else you can remember. Write them down. When you are done you might have recorded something like this.

Monday, June 10th: Grandmother, yellow, jasmine, laughter, rocking chair. Below the three to five key points you remember about your dream, write down what these things mean to you. Let’s say that your grandmother has passed to the afterlife and what you remember of her is her laughter as she sat in a rocking chair and the smell of jasmine, a perfume she liked to wear. these types of dreams are called “visits.” Reason being that our loved ones can contact us at any time. When they do, they usually provide images, thoughts, smells and sounds, etc. that you would associate with them.

Another way to interpret the dream: are you planning to visit your grandmother and are looking forward to spending time with her? again your interpretation of your dream depends on what is happening or has happened in your life as to the meaning.

Then on Thursday you wake up and remember the key points of money, stress, roller coaster, daytime, children.

If you’re someone with children this dream could mean something different than someone who has no children. Why? If you have children, this dream could be interpreted as you’re having stress about money and your children. are you planning a trip to a national theme park that has a roller coaster? If you don’t have children and you are not planning on a trip where children are present, then you could interpret this dream as you are having a conflict and feel that you are on a roller coast ride of stress. Perhaps someone you work with is in a good mood one minute and then the next…not? their actions to you could be childlike.

Since you noted your dream was during the daytime that would represent work hours or play time.


Recurring dreams

Ever had a repeat dream, a dream that you have over and over again? I have learned that these types of dreams happen because I have not accepted the message that is being sent, in other words, I have something that I need to work out. In most cases there is something that needs to be healed. It could be a conflict, misunderstanding, or something that needs to be changed within myself. When these dreams occur, I follow the same routine. I jot down three to five key points about the dream. then I look for something that has changed between the first dream and the last dream. they may seem alike, but in most cases there are differences.



Those scary type dreams that wake you up and you are shaking, puzzled, or upset. you may be surprised to know that you can take control of your dreams. When a nightmare occurs, don’t be afraid to take control of the dream and bring it to a positive dream. I know it sounds easier said than done. the first step is not to fear anything in your dreams. Instead embrace what you are dreaming, embrace it and ask for divine protection. I believe in the power of prayer. each night I ask the Divine White Light to surround me, protect me, guide me and bring to me the messages I need to receive. try doing this for a week and see if your dreams start to change. Many times what we view as a dream nightmare is actually a protection dream. a protection dream is a dream that may be preparing for something to happen or is letting you know that something negative in your life needs to be changed, within you. not long ago I kept having a dream that I was falling into a dark hole. I could not see the bottom. From a negative viewpoint, this dream would have scared me. Instead I chose to take a positive outlook as to the meaning. I was asked to start a new project. not being familiar with the subject, I felt lost when I started it, hence the darkness. I interpreted the falling aspect as: I was free to make the final decisions as to how the project would turn out.

Be careful not to pass judgment on others because of what you dream. these dreams are about you, your life’s journey, and your interpretation of them. When someone/something appears in your dreams, take control and dream for blessings, healing, comfort and love. this will help you to receive the same.

Try not to overthink the meaning of your dreams. your thought process when you are awake does influence your dreaming time. If you try to over analyze your dreams, it could make you worry and lose sleep. Instead take your worries and give them over to your spirit guides. they will gladly accept and in return you will keep having positive dreams with a positive outlook on life overall.

Dreaming4_LynetteLynette Teachout author and spiritualist, believes that to fully apply the meaning of dreams, we must be open to a variety of analysis and interpretations. In her book, ‘Journey With Zeke’, she takes readers on a mission to discover deeper spiritual truths. By embracing their dreams and searching for meaning behind the visions, the two young brothers are able to experience a new otherworldly connection.

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