Make Peace with Your Bare Naked Self

Dimple Mehta

It is so beautiful to look at the heart of a tree. Then, a bare tree is such a beautiful lesson of how we need to grow with life.

Standing alone with all its leaves departed, it shows us how lovely it is to let dead things go. How important the need is to need heal yourself from within. How sometimes we are ‘all’ we will have for ourselves. How sometimes no one understands our journey, our pain, our loss and our struggle to survive.

But look at the tree …

Does it look any less beautiful?

No it is insanely “complete” in its own definition. Don’t let the world define you. Be proud of who you are, be proud of what you’ve accomplished. And remember, there’s always room to grow. Soon the new shoots will grow, soon you will be healed, and soon you will be surrounded by the creatures who will seek their survival in you. Some will next, few will rest. But you will grow.

But till then …make peace with your bare naked self. Look how strong you are from within, how you are revealing yourself to the open air. How you have made peace with your past. How you are willing to work towards your future.

So breathe… Breathe and smile to the world… And always remember you will find your sky, sun, moon and water around you … Admiring you, encouraging you and being there for you…

Just look around!

Make_peace_2_DimpleA parenting expert and a Mindfulness n Character Strength Coach, Dimple Mehta holds a 15 years+ experience in the space of Parenting and Happiness. She is working with Parents, Children and Teachers to gain a positive perspective towards life and helping them recognise their strengths leading to a improved sense of contentedness. Dimple with her team at Soul Diets are working with various Schools, institutions, Corporates, NGO’s and foundations in the same space.

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