What’s Your Massage Rasi?

Manisha Rathore

Every time someone asked me, “What is your zodiac sign?” my characteristic response was, “Take a guess!” Well, here at Rasi Spa my question was countered by another question, “What are your problem/sensitive areas and where do you accumulate stress?” I responded, “Of course, my head and back.” I feel no spa treatment is complete if it is not accompanied by a head massage, however short it might be. The expert smiled and said, “In that case I recommend that you go on an Aries Rasi Journey.” She was absolutely right! This is what the Rasi Spa offers – a customized spa solution catered to your specific needs based on your sun sign. I am a huge fan of massages, which is why I love to try many different places.

Rasi Spa, a concept spa which claims to be unique and first-of-its-kind, is located in the busy suburb of Andheri in Mumbai. Spread over an area of 3500 sq feet, which is very spacious by Mumbai standards, this spa has seven treatment rooms – each includes a shower, steam and soak area. Tabeer Amrohi, the creative director of Rasi Spa (and the granddaughter of the legendary Indian filmmaker Kamaal Amrohi) said, “Actually we spent a lot of time researching the concept. I had several astrologers on board and we were trying to do something which hadn’t been done before. And finally we hit upon this idea of zodiac signs and treatments based on that. Our customers find it very entertaining and exciting.”

Rasi journey
Rasi Spa is spacious, comforting and relaxing. Elevated flooring carries one through the vast spa via mini bridges – a half foot off the ground and during special occasions, it is filled with water and floating flowers and petals.

The treatment consultation includes questions about preferences and whether one would like to go on a sun sign journey or get a regular spa treatment. The sun sign journey is the signature offering of the spa along with a regular spa menu which offers a wide range of treatments ranging from Romantic Chocolate therapy to anti-aging, anti-pollution packages.

What I found most fascinating was the Rasi Journey spa menu, a three-inch black bookcase with engravings in gold. Each sun sign has a page dedicated to it and the therapy is indicated on the sun sign page along with the various health concerns that the particular sun sign might face. Each and every sign of the zodiac corresponds to a part of our body and depending on our constitution, we have certain vulnerable areas that are more prone to problems than others. In the Rasi Journeys, those are the areas that are taken care of.

The Rasi Aries massage begins with a foot and head massage which is done in the therapy room. Incense floating in the air, lilting music, and darkened interiors envelope you as you get comfortable in the reclining chair. Two masseurs simultaneously work together, one kneads the feet and the other rubs the temples with fragrant oils. Grape seed, apricot, safflower and cottonseed oils are used for the Aries massage. Oil is applied generously and gentle pressure from skilled experts works its way into a deep soothing relaxation. After a thorough head and foot massage, the next part of the journey is the facial which includes a scrub, a facial massage, a mask and finally one is left fresh and glowing. This is followed by a full body massage and a soak in aromatic salts which are suitable for your sun sign. This 20-minute soak is the best part of the treatment. This is when you feel that you are not a body, but a weightless soul, just floating, calm and peaceful – is this nirvana? The 20 minutes are up quickly and it is time to get back to the chaos and grime of city life. This 3-hour treatment costs about $125.

All sun sign journeys are not the same and the treatments vary according to the needs and temperament of the signs. There is always room for cheating; if you want to experiment with another sun sign journey, invent a new birth date. I asked Tabeer, “Of the Rasi journeys, which is the most exotic and why? She replied, “Sagittarius has the most exotic treatment because it is one of the sportiest, adventurous and active signs of the zodiac, and to get them to sit and relax is difficult. But they need it; hence the treatment designed for them takes care of this need.”

Being an amateur astrologer myself, I couldn’t resist a little teaser, “If we go by Vedic astrology which is what we in India are more familiar with, it does not go by the Western sun sign but by rasi, nakshatra and so on. Most of the times, our sun signs do not match with our rasi, the moon sign which is the crux of Hindu/Vedic astrology. In that case what does one do?” Tabeer quickly says, “If we had to get so detailed, first we would have to draw out horoscopes and then recommend treatments and that would be way too complicated. Anyway, none of the treatments are harmful or have any side effects, so a few minutes of extra massage on the head will not harm a Libran too.”

As this spa is located in Andheri, which is the hub of Bollywood, many Bollywood stars like Sonakshi Sinha, Isha Koppikar and other aspiring stars and television actors are regulars at this spa. With a novel approach to refreshing the mind and body, a visit to Rasi Spa will leave you cleansed, energized and happy.
A ready reckoner of the treatments at Rasi

    • Aries: This quick thinking sun sign often finds soreness in the head and shoulders due to stress. A customized massage helps to calm the brain nerves, followed by a gentle skin treatment to give an exuberant glow.
    • Taurus: Taurean energies are governed by the neck. Treatment will include sensual fragrant oil, used with long soothing strokes to massage the body, followed by a Taurus body wrap.
    • Gemini: This sun sign needs constant mental stimulation and variety and hence a rejuvenating exfoliation and a massage concentrating on the arms will relieve sore muscles, stimulate circulation and refresh the skin.
    • Cancer: These conservative home bodies love a spa treatment that makes them feel at home. A customized body massage with fluid strokes focusing on the upper body adds to the nurturing feel of this special treatment.
    • Leo: Kneading out knots on the back will release stress. A massage for Leo will concentrate on the blind spots, combined with a fire element soak.
    • Virgo: Since purity and cleanliness drive their attention, a Virgo exfoliation will carry away dead skin cells and leave this sun sign dazzling clean. Virgo is governed by the stomach and a customized massage will work on this.
    • Libra: To sooth aching muscles, this sun sign should opt for a massage that concentrates on the back, reducing stress and stimulating better circulation.
    • Scorpio: Since their emotions run deep, a massage will include special attention to the lower back.
    • Sagittarius: Working on the lower body (a trouble area for this sign) helps rejuvenate. A detoxifying Sagittarius wrap is also part of the procedure.
    • Capricorn: Their joints bear the brunt of this hardworking sun sign. A massage and soak with rhythmic strokes and stretches helps boost circulation.
    • Aquarius: These water bearers are humanitarian by nature and neglect their own well-being. The circulatory system is a key area for Aquarians.
    • Pisces: Pisces greatest strength is their imagination and creativity. Their feet are ruling parts of the body. A massage along with a scrub gives them a dreamy lift, amplifying their sense of personal power.
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