7 Things You Will Lose in Meditation

Chandresh Bhardwaj

Meditation is part of the new age lifestyle accepted by one and all with an open heart. A daily meditation practice has the power to shift your consciousness in the most effortless manner. There are many things that you gain in meditation, but I am here to talk about the things that you will lose with a disciplined meditation practice. To all the seekers and nonseekers reading this, walk onto the path of meditation only if you are willing to lose the following. The gurus will not be held liable for any losses!

“In meditation, you raise your consciousness high enough so that fear of the unknown and the known elements take a backseat. Those things still exist but you are no more bound by their energy.”


1. Fake laugh: Yes! That laugh you often laugh just to mingle with society. You know what I’m talking about. That laugh won’t exist any more. You will start to have genuine heart-warming laughs. with a daily meditation practice, you will no longer be overwhelmed by circumstances. You will experience freedom, and along with freedom comes infectious laughter.

2. Social judgments: we all have done it at some point or another. we judge others based on their clothes, personality, color, education, and so on. In deep meditation, you understand the game of life. You understand that these judgements are nothing more than repeated programming that has been instilled in us by society. Meditation gives you a transparent picture of the world because it is creating space for you to see life through your own eyes, instead of through society’s filter. You will lose your need to be judgmental.

3. Fear: we grow up being managed by fear. we are taught to live in fear of God or our parents or teachers and especially, to live in fear of society’s norms. however, the divine knows no fear. In meditation, you raise your consciousness high enough so that fear of the unknown and the known elements take a backseat. Those things still exist but you are no more bound by their energy.


4. Mood swings: do you need coffee to change the things that you can and wine to accept the things that you cannot? If yes, then you most likely experience a lot of mood swings too. There are good chances that with daily meditation, your mood will stop fluctuating. All you need to do is to be watchful of your moods during your meditation practice. witness every emotional fluctuation with no identification to it. Your diligent practice will condition you to be able to sit through all kinds of moods and simply be with the feelings, watching them, and eventually releasing them.

5. Division of God: religion was created as a sacred constitution or as a pathway to attain enlightenment. It has been misinterpreted by some of its custodians. But even though religion has been compromised, it can still be utilized the way it was meant to be. Meditation helps you to experience the one melody of the Universe (Uni + Verse). It allows you to watch the oneness dancing in harmony with our ideas of God and the religious path. It won’t be too long before you too join the dance. You will be able to cut through the societal layers that have been placed on religions and instead see the beauty in the path and the one destination that lies at the end of all paths.

6. Pursuit of happiness: A meditator does not need to pursue happiness. he becomes happiness. He embodies bliss. Most times, we create our own problems and as soon as we get out of our own way, the problem disappears. even if there remains a problem in your path, your strength will be multiplied infinitely through meditation, providing you with the resilience to resolve any challenge. Then, happiness doesn’t become a pursuit. It becomes a natural state of being.

7 Confusion: higher consciousness clears confusion. A meditation routine clears worries and pain quite well. You are left with nothing but a crystal clear view of your life. You can allow your soul to do further cleaning and get answers too. during your meditation, trust the process and let your higher self do its job.

Having mentioned all the losses, here are a few guidelines for your meditation journey:

  1. Although meditation can be done at any time, it is most effective in the morning, just after you wake up and at night, before you go to sleep.
  2. Meditation should be learned with a qualified guide.
  3. Mantra is highly recommended if you are on a spiritual journey.
  4. Meditation shouldn’t be done when you are under the influence of alcohol, meat, or any other substance with mixed, negative vibrations. Food has energy and it affects your meditation experience.
  5. Meditate for at least half an hour to begin with.

Meditation5Chandresh Bhardwaj is the founder of the self-realization center – Break The Norms Movement, and has launched Uncensored Spirituality Foundation. Bhardwaj is one of the youngest inspirational new age teachers and the seventh generation spiritual guide pursuing initiatives in the eastern science of healing and transformation. He conducts public talks and workshops.He is a published writer and promotes spiritual dialogue in meditation, repressed emotions, and Tantra.

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