Healing Powers of Gems and Colors

Pt. Gopal Sharma

In ancient times in Egypt and Greece, color temples were built into seven different compartments, each one containing one of the seven color rays. People were brought to these temples for both physical healing and spiritual uplifting. These ancient civilizations understood and used the power of the rays. Today, we also need to be conscious that each of the seven great color manifestations affects particular centers of the body.

Use of Gem Stones

A gem should be set in the right metal and with the right carat weight. It should be worn on the correct finger of the working hand on the right day. Each gem, with its constant source of a specific ray, gives constructive vibrations that have great healing powers. While there are many beneficial uses of these wonderful stones, it is important to keep in mind that they are recommended as an enhancement and not a replacement for medical attention.

How Do Gems Cure Disease?

Our body is composed of cosmic radiations and seven primary colors of the solar spectrum: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These are called primary colors, and mixing one or two primary colors creates hues and shades. When there is deficiency or absence of any one of these primary colors in our body, we are attacked with the disease caused by that deficiency.

For example, if red rays are absent, diseases like anemia, fever, inflammation, physical debility, weakness, loss of vitality, etc. invade our body. Injecting red rays into our body can cure these diseases by wearing gems of red planets. Red planets are Sun and Mars. Their favorite gems are ruby and red coral. When these gems come in contact with our body, they inject red rays into our body, and thus, the deficiency gets treated.

Again when there is an excess of red rays in our body, they produce many diseases like boils, tumors, conjunctivitis, sunstroke, insanity, insomnia, headache, and carbuncles. Injecting cold rays into our body can quickly cure these diseases by wearing cold stones. The best cold stones are moonstone, yellow sapphire, white pearl and emerald. Cold planets are Mercury, Moon and Saturn.

Therefore, we need to maintain a state of equilibrium of rays in our body to keep it healthy and free from any disease. There should not be any excess of hot or cold rays as any excess or deficiency would result in the appearance of illness.

The following table shows how the seven rays correspond to the seven chakras.


We are constantly surrounded by cosmic colors, which help us realize that as we ascend the ladder of spiritual attainment by developing mentally, morally and physically, we are also ascending in the degree of our sensitivity to light, color and stones. Different colored gems increase the psychic powers of an individual, in addition to warding off the ill effects of planets with their curative powers.

Each color has a specific function to perform in the development of our lives. Color, like other forces in nature, is either positive or negative. Both the biological and the physical properties have to be understood and adapted to suit the particular individual that needs it at a particular time.

Use of Color

The table below provides a key to using colors and their related stones to restore nerves, and rebuild health on the physical, mental and spiritual plane. Indigo, sapphire and amethyst can be used in meditation to inspire and awaken the power centers of the pituitary and pineal glands.


Cleaning the Stones

Over a period of time the stones collect and store many negative energies. To cleanse and revitalize them, there are a number of methods:


This is probably the simplest of them all. Place your stones in direct sunlight for about two hours. Make sure it is pure sunlight and not filtered through windows or anything else.

Sea Salt

Cover your stones with either sea salt or rock salt granules for three days.


Place your stones in a glass bowl and cover them with seawater for three to seven days. If seawater is not available, use one teaspoon of seasalt in a half-liter of warm water.


Hold your stones under naturally running water for seven minutes.


Bury your stones with the point facing upwards and leave them for three days. Rinse them carefully with pure water and use again.

Rainbow Visualization

Begin by seeing yourself totally surrounded by white light. Breathe in that light, bathe in it, hold it, become one with it.

Next you see waves of colors coming from deep within the earth.

First you see and feel (in your first chakra) the primal fire, the red of blood, life and creation. As it rises towards the second chakra, it becomes the orange of the sun at sunset and gives you energy. This fire of Shiva transforms itself into brilliant yellow or gold as it enters the solar plexus (the third chakra). It is the shade of the sun at high noon. It gives you power like you are self-radiating. You feel your center. Your first three chakras, the lower body are connected with and receiving energy from the earth.

In the heart (the fourth chakra), you now see the emerald green of growth and creativity. You are reminded of your family, the plants and the trees. You feel harmony, tranquility, and peace. Experience lying in grass – see yourself in a meadow.


Pouring down on you from the heavens, the blue ray centers your throat or fifth chakra.

It reminds you of the vastness and infinity of the spirit and sky. It purifies your throat, your words. Next, the indigo ray enters the Third Eye (the sixth chakra) so you can go beyond the realms of reality and see the truth.

Finally, through the crown chakra (the seventh chakra) the violet ray – a blend of earth and sky – helps you to understand your union with the cosmos. You are made of body and spirit. Through this realization, you undergo transformation, merging the Self with the One. This is the gate to enlightenment.

With this exercise, you experience your body as a rainbow body, lit up in these brilliant colors. You feel immense joy at seeing the luminosity, brightness and beauty of the rays, basking in the wonder and magic of these subtle forces.

The unique properties of the rays are your key to knowledge and wisdom. Understanding the surrounding powers helps in knowing the ultimate source of power within us.

HealingGems4_PanditLuminary in many fields, Gopal Sharma, is a world renowned astrologer and Vaastu/Feng Shui expert. He is also an eminent consultant to a number of large industrial/business houses across the globe. His illustrious students and clientele include Hellmann Germany, Birlas, Thapars, Jindals, Suryas, Choice Group USA, Piramal Group, Marriott Hotel USA, Ansal Group of Companies, Patanjali Yogpeeth along with many leading banks. Moreover, he has to his credit 42 books including many bestsellers in Hindi, English and Greek. www.panditgopalsharma.com

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