Seeing with the Eye of Wisdom

Sri Sri Suddhaanandaa Brahmachari

The Nature of Energy and Pure Consciousness

The entire universe is nothing but the manifestation of energy or vibrations in different levels. Life is the play of energy, a symphony; from the farthest stars to the single blade of grass, all are playing in harmony with each other, to manifest the forms of infinite creativity.

The cosmic dance of energy

On one side, the scientists, engrossed in their search for the mystery of the physical manifestations and life, find that everything animate and inanimate, in its subatomic level, is nothing but energy. The subtlest part of matter is energy and the gross energy is matter. If you only perceive your body as gross, as material, your perception is just an illusion, a deception. The reality that comes from the world of quantum physics is that you are a void space, where energy is playing its cosmic dance.

Brahman, the one unified source

In concert with this, the wise masters say, your energy and consciousness are manifest within as the myriad of universes outside of you, that God is the sum total of all the energy and consciousness that is within and without, that there is nothing in this world that is not God. The enlightened masters can realize this state of being one with the all-pervading pure consciousness or Brahman, which is nothing more than what the quantum physicists call the unified field or the unified source. As the Vedic tradition teaches, in this state of realization, the enlightened masters see that all is born in Brahman and lives in Brahman for a while, and then again, dissolves in Brahman. And what is Brahman but pure energy and consciousness?

If you take any hard matter and split it into its finest atoms and examine its subatomic essence, you’ll only see the play of energy and consciousness. And that energy is not devoid of intelligence. Rather, information is infinitely intelligent. The emerging fields of quantum biology and information are demonstrating that our beliefs significantly affect our perceptions and can even change our DNA. Everything in the universe is energy, information, consciousness. Scientists in various fields, including but not limited to quantum physicists, have arrived at the same conclusion as what enlightened masters have always taught. They agree that the unseen power that governs universal life, that is, Cosmic Consciousness/Spirit/God, is not separate from you. You are that.

When you feel low, you say “I am low on energy.” When you feel buoyant and vibrant with joy, you say you are full of energy. These are nothing but different levels of vibrations of your physical body and mind. In order to get up and go, you need energy and in order to sit and meditate, you need energy.

However, your perception confuses the differences between physical energy and spiritual energy. With your two eyes you can only see the material physical form and vibrations and understand its physical energy. But with the Third Eye, the eye of wisdom, one can see the play of consciousness, which is the substratum on which all the forms of energy are playing.

The external does influence our internal

In reality, the environment, the energy field in which we live, is continuously influencing us. When you are in the company of a person who is suffering with a negative outlook in life, there is a chance you may be infected with his or her negativity. Within a family, if a child finds himself or herself born to a family where the parents live a life of conflict and abuse, and if the child has to breathe negativity and violence, then there are chances that the child may grow up with a lot of frustration and a violent attitude. As such, darkness is the lowest frequency of light. So also, the depressed state of mind is when the mind vibrates at its lowest levels. In contrast, if a child is born to parents who live a life of spiritual values and practices humility and goodness, then there are more chances that the child will grow up with strong moral character and a stable mind. In general, when you are in the company of a person who is very positive, energetic and successful, and especially a person who is holy, you feel the touch of holiness, and are fired by his/her zeal to be positive, energetic and successful in life. A holy person vibrates at a higher frequency. As a result, when you are in such company you too feel a sense of being lifted into higher realms of peace and calm. If one energizes and empowers the mind with all positive thoughts of light, then the mind vibrates at a higher frequency. This is all the play of energy at different levels. This is what religious masters and tradition have thought to be the experience of God.

The easy way to understand God 

The easy way to understand God is not as an abstraction of something too big and at a far-flung distance, but just in the energy that you can feel. God is the energy in the air that is all around you, all the time; God is the energy in the space that surrounds and fills you, in the light that lightens your path, in the breath that you are breathing. God is always with us, for we survive in God and God manifests through us in energy and consciousness. When you reach a point where you realize God is in everything you see, your ego dissolves.

The essence of God vision

The essence of God Vision is to awaken to the higher reality that is veiled by the layers of unconsciousness in a material bound mind. The vision of God is essentially the vision of equanimity. In the midst of all the diversities, an illumined consciousness reveals the inner reality of the universal source.

All confusion is in the mind where the energy is playing randomly. If you truly want to rise above confusion then you have to first set right your instruments of body and mind through the practice of observing the incredible mystery of energy that makes our life possible in this planet.

As you work with your own mind by gradually purging the accumulated dross of the materialistic vibrations, your vision becomes more clear and subtle. You will start perceiving something that you never did before. The movements of your thoughts are not at random, and your body follows them with the language that is vibrant with the joy of the spirit shining forth through every cell of your body. Then, even when the situations and circumstances are against you, you will not jump to conclusions and act reactively but pause, contemplate, and then respond as a wise person is expected to do. Reactions are egocentric whereas, non-reactive responses are the flow of the Spirit.

Harm or heal, It is all energy in action

Everything is a vibration with which we heal or harm. All spiritual disciplines are energy work from the lowest vibrations to the highest vibrations of light, from the lower intelligence to intuitive experiences. There are many examples of miraculous transformations of evil persons into wonderful saints. These all are pictures of possibilities in the world where we help each other or harm each other with the play of energy through vibrations. All healing arts are essentially energy work. Hands on or distant healing, all are the manifestations of power of prana, or chi, the vital energy that is the essence of all that exists.

When you practice meditation you come closer to this energy. As you focus on your inner self, on your mind and on your breath, being mindful, watchful, witnessing, prayerful, and utterly filled with gratitude, you will become calm. Prayer and meditation connect you to the reality that you are in the Divine presence and there is nothing to worry about in life, for it is such a spontaneous flow. As the chatter of your mind calms down, you will feel the energy of the Universe vibrating, dancing in you all the time, even when you are in a deep sleep. Meditation is the transformation of your regular mind into an illumined mind.

The impact of collective prayers and meditation

As you and I keep practicing our daily prayers and meditation, our love and unconditional surrender to the Divine, we will be generating a mass of highly charged divine vibrations that will permeate the whole of the universe and will definitely influence humanity to rethink the values of human life, their deepest significance, and their sublime goals. With the recent tragedies in the world we are getting a clear message from Mother Earth that all is not well. Mother Nature looks to each one of us for our individual contribution towards the universal flow, light and wisdom, the imperishable values that transcend time and space to be our guiding force in life.

In the midst of all the diversities, an illumined consciousness reveals the inner reality of the universal source.

Never postpone the good

The time to act is now. Never postpone the good. We will have to work incessantly, in the laboratory of our body-mind, to bring about the transformation that we would love to see in the world that is manifested outside of us. We have to gift to our next progeny a world where love rules and true peace is experienced in the presence of the all-pervading formless Brahman and in each form of the vast universe. Yes, we all can make it happen. And it will happen for sure. If we attune ourselves to the perennial flow of life with its play of universal energy and consciousness, we will together, join in symphony with the farthest stars and all blades of grass, harmonizing with each other in love and peace.

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