Dare to be an Alive Human

Sai Maa

Dear ones, the time for your awakening has come, a time to be a full expression of the magnificent presence you are. A time to unveil your highest potential. You are spirit in form, carrying a divine essence beyond body and personality; beyond the roles you play as mother, father, daughter, son, teacher, doctor, therapist, and so forth. You are infinite, pure consciousness living in a physical body. Nevertheless, you have developed the habit of making yourself small, functioning from a limited perspective based upon the identity you have created to function in the world.

What limits you is not something you lack, something inherently missing within you. What limits you is your very own perspective about yourself, a superficial awareness of who you are. From this narrow view, your access to transformation is also limited. Many, even those on a spiritual path, believe that in order to evolve there is something within them that must be changed, rejected, or transcended. I invite you to consider that transformation comes from daring to accept and embrace all that is within you.

Of course, you do not wish to feel pain, frustration, rage, jealousy, guilt, so you develop ways to avoid these feelings. You numb yourself with food, sex, relationships, or entertainment. You distract yourself from feeling. You resist the unwanted thoughts and emotions by tucking them away where you think they cannot be found. Rather than allowing these thoughts, emotions, sensations—which are simply energies—to be felt, you deny and resist them, while unknowingly keeping them in your energy field at the same time.

Science is now recognizing what spiritual traditions have practiced for thousands of years—everything in creation is made of energy. At its essence, everything consists of energy vibrating at varying frequencies. The chair you are sitting on, the thoughts you are thinking, your relationships, your home, your finances, your emotions, are all energy. Therefore, everything in creation can be seen as a unique vibration somewhere along a vast spectrum of energy.

On one end of the energy spectrum everything vibrates at a slower frequency, represented by what you perceive as physical matter such as a road, a tree, a rose. Moving toward the other end of the spectrum are higher frequencies, subtler energies that you cannot see or touch, such as concepts, emotions, expectations, relationships. Within these subtler energies, there are also many variations of frequency, for example a spectrum of energies within your emotions. Envy, resentment, hate, and grief are emotions of low frequency, while emotions such as joy, compassion, inspiration, and peace are of high frequency.

Know that all energies in creation are based in either fear or love. Fear is energy of contraction, while love is energy of expansion. Fear is energy of ego; love is energy of spirit. To experience this, bring to mind a situation when you felt fear such as a moment of anger, a stressful situation at work, an argument. What happens to your energy? Can you feel a tensing, a tightening, a contraction? Now bring to mind a time when you felt love, such as being with your children, taking a walk in nature, doing something that filled you with joy. What happens to your energy? What is the quality of your energy as you feel this situation? Can you sense an expansion, an opening, a lightness, a movement? This is the law of energy at work; this is the law of life. Fear contracts; love expands.

Your being also exists as a spectrum of energy. You have the human self with the physical body, mind, emotions, belief systems, roles, and personality. You are, however, much more than this. The divine essence within you is an eternal, limitless Presence of light, always existing in a state of divine love, grace, and oneness. It is an expression of all of the qualities you associate with the divine, by whatever name you call it, including Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, Mother Divine consciousness, Unity consciousness. It all exists within you, as you.

You are a full spectrum of energy, from the low frequencies of the finite human self to the highest frequencies of divine Presence. Within that spectrum are both fear and love. Imagine you have two trees within you—the tree of fear and the tree of love. You can water only one of these trees at a given moment, and whatever tree you water is the one that will bear the fruit in your life. In every moment, you are making this choice: either watering the tree of fear, “feeding” the qualities of limitation and ego within you, or watering the tree of love, “feeding” the qualities of expansion and divinity within you.

Imagine you had an interaction with a friend or a partner, leaving you feeling annoyed and frustrated. You play that situation over and over again in your mind, continuing to think about and justify your feelings of annoyance and anger. Why did he have to do that? Why is she like that? You are bathing in fear-based energies, allowing yourself to get caught in the web of the ego. You are feeding the tree of fear, which naturally grows larger and becomes the focus of your experience. Alternatively, you can choose to accept these feelings, not getting caught in them, but rather becoming aware of the lessons, the opportunities in this situation, not letting it consume and lower your energy.

The choices you make in every moment—whether you are conscious of them or not—determine your life experience. Thus, you are the creator of your reality. There is no one but you telling you how to feel or what to think right now. In this very moment you are choosing how you are experiencing life.

Are you ready to stop misusing your inner power, choosing a life of limitation and pain? Are you ready to stop being controlled by the desire to fix, justify, be liked, and manipulate? Are you ready to live the fullness of your inherent potential? You either live a life of cause or you live a life of effect; there is nothing in-between.

Your access to transforming your life, to living a life of cause, is working with your energy consciously, and you can begin this with a very simple practice: acknowledge, accept, welcome. real with yourself about what is, what you’re creating, to take responsibility without falling into the habit of justification, resistance, or a desire to fix or control. Once you become aware, dare to acknowledge your own experience by naming it—anger, sadness, regret, fantasy, terror, annoyance, whatever is hiding in the shadows that you haven’t allowed to exist. Acknowledge the desires that you’ve put aside due to concepts of unworthiness or judgment. Acknowledge the habits that are sabotaging your relationships, even if it’s painful. Acknowledge the fear


Acknowledgement begins with awareness. I am not speaking about awareness of any worldly domain like politics or education or even spirituality. I am speaking of awareness of yourself, self-awareness—your own thoughts, feelings, moods, and perceptions of life. While this may seem like second nature, most people distract and numb themselves from feeling anything that might shake them from their fragile, familiar ok-ness, “I’m fine.” They act not out of conscious choice, but rather out of an emotional reaction to something they think, feel, or perceive. Being self-aware demands that you take an honest look at yourself. What motivated me to say that to her? What was I feeling when I yelled at my partner? It takes courage to be real with yourself about what is, what you’re creating, to take responsibility without falling into the habit of justification, resistance, or a desire to fix or control.

Once you become aware, dare to acknowledge your own experience by naming it—anger, sadness, regret, fantasy, terror, annoyance, whatever is hiding in the shadows that you haven’t allowed to exist. Acknowledge the desires that you’ve put aside due to concepts of unworthiness or judgment. Acknowledge the habits that are sabotaging your relationships, even if it’s painful. Acknowledge the fear that’s stopped you from taking risks at work, in your interactions with people, even in your dreams for your own life.

This acknowledgement is the foundation for transforming your ok-ness, even happiness, into a full and passionate aliveness, in which you expand your experience of life beyond the limited, predictable spectrum of possibility you have allowed yourself. You have too much to offer in this life, to manifest in this world, for you to continue living a mediocre existence. A sublime life of unlimited passion, freedom, joy and peace awaits each and every one of you.

Begin right now by choosing just one thought, feeling or experience to acknowledge. Face it, feel it, name it. Own it as something that you have created within yourself. Allow light to be shed on whatever it is by simply acknowledging that it is there.

Once you have acknowledged your thought or feeling— whatever it may be—you may still find yourself praying it will go away or afraid that acknowledging it will make it more real. Know that every action in your life is either fear-based or love-based. Remember, fear contracts you and love expands you. You have the choice to continue acting out of fear and reject the thought, feeling or experience you just named. Or, you can choose to accept it.

Acceptance begins with being present with what is. Rather than rejecting your newly acknowledged thought, feeling or experience from a place of fear, take a deep breath and be present with it. Being present with your sadness, anger, annoyance, desire, etc. also means being present with your judgments about feeling that way. No experience, thought, or feeling is innately good or bad; each is simply energy with a specific frequency. It is only your interpretations of these energies that make them occur to you as right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable.

Every personality trait, perceived flaw and uncomfortable experience is energy. When you resist and judge them, you are feeding them with your attention, giving them the power to color everything in your life—the way situations evolve, the way others treat you, and, of course, the way you perceive yourself. I am here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. You are created whole, perfect and complete.

As energy cannot be created or destroyed, no part of you can be discarded. Each part is a precious gift. As you raise your frequency, every element of you gets to shine as a facet of the majestic diamond that you are. You incarnated in a particular time, place and set of circumstances to provide you with all of your current interpretations and seeming challenges. I call these opportunities because they allow your soul to do the work for which it took birth. They give you a chance to accept yourself exactly as you are, and in so doing, raise the frequency of the energy you carry.

Welcome Once you acknowledge your experience and accept it for what it is, perhaps even that its place in your life has a divine purpose, you have one more step to go. You are to learn to welcome the energy of your experience. Welcoming—just as welcoming guests into one’s home — happens with the heart.

The heart is central to every part of everyone’s life. As an organ, it supplies blood and oxygen to all parts of the human body. The heart, as a vortex of energy, has two components—the chamber of human love and that of divine love—separated energetically by a membrane. The chamber of human love is finite. It is home to your exclusive, romantic love, to your tears. It is the part of you that aches with pain and loss. It is as beautiful and ephemeral as the human body.


The chamber of divine love is an infinite gateway to all of creation. It has no limit. Within it, there is room for all—all joy, all sadness, all pain and pleasure. It cannot be tainted by any sorrow nor weakened or discouraged. It is the home of your devotion and, just as it is a gateway that welcomes all human experience, it is the gateway for you to embody and express the divinity of your soul and of all creation. It is the source of your infinite love and compassion for yourself and for all of humanity.

It is in this sacred space of your heart that you welcome all of your thoughts, feelings and experiences. As they enter the limitless love of this gateway, their energy is embraced by the source of creation and any discordant energy is washed and purified. Your discomfort and judgments dissolve, for there is nothing that you can bring to your heart that can remain separate. As you welcome it, it returns to the oneness of God from which it was born. In that oneness, there is no other to forgive or forget or condemn.

The more you engage this chamber of divine love, the more it grows. It becomes so full that it expands, dissolving the membrane that separates your human love from your divine love. It makes of your heart one undivided whole, a gateway of pure love that permeates every part of your life and divinizes all of your experiences and relationships. This purity of love is your birthright. And it is with this heart of pure love that you embody your fullest potential while engaging in your life fully and powerfully, walking in the world and yet knowing you are not of it.

Wake up to your potential. A life of unimaginable love and unity within you is waiting to be expressed. It is all in your hands. Become an alive human, embracing all of yourself and consciously creating your reality. Become a conscious creator, recognizing the world and yourself as energy. You transform your life by mastering your thoughts and emotions instead of being in constant reaction to your circumstance. Use this practice I have given you— acknowledge, accept, and welcome—and you will be empowered, evolve as a master of your life. I am eternally with you, blessing you with the grace to step into your amazing potential. Love cannot fail. There is no beauty in all of creation more magnificent than you, than the love of your very own heart. This is your time to awaken, to be free, to live your life’s purpose.

Dare4Jagadguru Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi is a world-renowned spiritual master, healer, and humanitarian. With a unique fusion of Eastern spiritual wisdom, Western therapeutic knowledge and energetic mastery, Sai Maa shares teachings to uplift and empower others to master their lives as she has her own. She tours the world, and educates thousands on a wide range of spiritual, social and psychological topics, through transformative workshops, writings, and online programs. www.sai-maa.com

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