8 Universal Dynamics of Conscious Creation

Dr. Natalia M Schotte

In May 2000, I had a powerful experience of creation that represented a turning point in my life. The previous autumn, I moved from Canada to the United States to join my partner Jonathan, who owned two adjacent properties in a downtown, historic district in a city in Michigan. Our home, as well as a lovely, cultivated garden, was on one of these properties. I was working as a spiritual counselor and teacher and had an office in our home. Jonathan’s longtime friend, Debra, did gardening work on the property, and when I went outside to take a break between clients one day, Debra asked if I would like to learn how to make flower essences since I had been using them in my work.

Following her instructions, I picked a branch from a centennial lilac bush laden with fresh blossoms, placed the blossoms in a cup of water, and asked Nature to release their healing energy into the water. As this occurred, I felt the power of creation course through my body. It was a profound experience that culminated with a Monarch butterfly landing on the branch I used to make the flower essence.

At that moment, I was transformed by the power of creation and inspired to continue making flower essences. I studied the art and science of flower essence production, eventually developed a unique production process, and started my own flower essence company. My experience with this nature-based company has provided me with the opportunity to learn a great deal about Conscious Creation.

Life is a creative process, and we are all creators in our lives. How can we develop our abilities as Conscious Creators? To this end, I have identified eight Universal Dynamics of Conscious Creation. Developing competency in relation to these dynamics assists us to create at the highest levels, thereby transforming our personal and collective realities.

Here are descriptions of the eight Universal Dynamics of Conscious Creation. Each has three key qualities.

1) The dynamic of translation: access | unfoldment | originality

Conscious Creations are spiritually infused and emanate from the causal or Buddhic plane of existence. About a year after starting the company, I decided to refine its mission. In a meditative state, I tuned into Spirit. The words came to me in a rush, along with an image of an arc of emerald green Buddhas. I knew I had pierced the Buddhic plane. The mission I wrote that day continues to guide our work.The first step to Conscious Creation is access. As your level of consciousness increases, you develop greater access to higher planes of existence. Sometimes, access occurs through intended moments of connection like the one I had; other times, it is spontaneous.While access occurs instantaneously, understanding the information we have accessed can take time. Unfoldment of concepts and ideas that originate from Spirit occurs as we evolve, grow, and move through the process of Conscious Creation.The third key quality of the Dynamic of Translation is originality. Originality is the hallmark of Conscious Creation, and original thought emerges from higher planes of existence. Often, Conscious Creations are trademarked or patented, a sign of their originality. In all cases, they represent something new to society.


2) The dynamic of value: breakthrough | consideration | service

Conscious Creations generate unprecedented solutions and innovative responses to pressing challenges. They transcend incremental and often ineffectual progress in favor of evolutionary leaps. Conscious Creations are breakthroughs and surpass previous limitations.Conscious Creations demonstrate consideration for all life. Reverence for humanity, the Earth, and all living things are inherent in Conscious Creations. Conscious Creations are evolutionary rather than devolutionary, healing rather than wounding, progressive rather than regressive, and uplifting rather than diminishing.Conscious Creations contribute true service to all humanity. They demonstrate unconditional love, and an understanding of the unity and interconnectedness of all life. They reflect a deep appreciation and compassion for the human condition.

3) The dynamic of partnership: guidance | collective | equality

Conscious Creations are the products of multi-level partnerships with both Spirit and Nature. Spirit and Nature provide the requisite guidance. While Spirit is responsible for the evolutionary dynamic on Earth (ascension), Nature is responsible for the involutionary dynamic (materialization). Spirit knows the proper course of action, and Nature knows how to accomplish it.Conscious Creations are the result of collective endeavor. The members of a collective are “all in.” They bring all they are and all they have to the collective. There is no withholding. People in a collective are intimate. They come to know one another deeply and are committed to mutual support.

Relationships are characterized by equality. No one person, role, or task is more important than another. Everyone— and his or her work—is essential to the Conscious Creation. Power balance replaces the power-over and power-under dynamics that characterize traditional organizations.

4) The dynamic of dedication: determination | perseverance | zeal

Determination is born of dedication to a higher purpose. When you know your work is essential in some way, you find the determination to go forward, regardless of the situation. You stand strong in the face of challenges and choose to grow towards the solution.

Conscious Creation requires perseverance. Challenges that arise, both individually and collectively, as you break through outdated conventions can be difficult and often bring you face to face with your deepest fears. Choose to move forward, rather than retreat, and heal fear at its source, rather than move forward in spite of it. Find the highest solution to the challenge, not just any solution.

Conscious Creation requires the same zeal we must bring to our spiritual growth. Zeal is a quality we often associate with extremists. In this case, it refers to bringing all you are to a purpose you deem worthy of your efforts. It may appear that Conscious Creators make tremendous sacrifices, yet they do not perceive it that way. They see their contributions and work as love in action.


5) The dynamic of timing: correct | patience | urgency

The intricate unfoldment of a higher order occurs at all times. When we align our actions with the patterns and purposes of this higher order, we experience divine right timing. We are “in the flow.” Discerning correct timing and acting accordingly leads to ease rather than effort. Knowing what to do and when to do it is an essential aspect of Conscious Creation.

We may be tempted to act prematurely for a variety of reasons. When we do, we thwart our efforts and diminish our results. It is important to exhibit patience and wait to receive the “cosmic” green light, regardless of the pressures of the external world. For instance, every year during gardening season, I make an abundance of Mother Tincture, the stock that produces individual bottles of flower essences. In 2011, I didn’t make any. Each day, I went to Nature looking for permission and never received it. I was concerned and perplexed. In 2012 and 2013, I made hundreds of jars as usual. Looking back, I see that in 2011 we had enough prepared stock for the following year and there were other important tasks to focus on at that time in order to move the business forward.

When it’s time to act, we must not delay. Urgency is paramount. Acting with urgency—taking action on a step when it’s revealed—allows us to take advantage of time sensitive opportunities, keep our projects on track, and maintain momentum. Procrastination, on the other hand, can bring unintended consequences.


6) The dynamic of form: harmony | perfected | command

Conscious Creations are characterized by harmony. All aspects are correctly synchronized with one another and the highest octave of life. They are, therefore, coherent. This is why architecture, art, music, and words of the great masters inspire, move and uplift us.

Harmony is a hallmark of perfected form—form in alignment with the original blueprint accessed on the causal plane. Rather than diminishing form because of external limitations, such as time and money, Conscious Creators find a way to overcome the limitations they face.

They expand rather than contract. They are uncompromising in their visions, yet flexible in relation to the means by which they achieve them. A correct solution corresponds to every challenge, and they discover it by increasing their consciousness/vibratory rate to the level of the solution.

Perfected form reflects command of the phenomenal world. Through single-pointed focus and the application of their spiritual will, Conscious Creators accomplish objectives that were previously impossible. They do not consider failure an option. Conscious Creators know they will succeed. Finding the path to success is simply part of the journey. To improve your command of the phenomenal world, apply this equation:

Command of the phenomenal world = concentration + breath mastery

7) The dynamic of transformation: evolving | improvement | re-creation

Nothing in the physical world remains static. Form must continually transform to maintain its integrity and relevance. Creation of perfected form is, therefore, an evolving process. Interaction with the environment provides feedback for the ongoing evolution of form to its highest state.

Improvement is intrinsic to the process of Conscious Creation. Improvement relates to the functionality, service, and utility of our creations. At a certain point in time, you may marvel at the perfection of one of your creations and then, as time passes, comprise a long list of improvements you want to make.


Improvement often results in re-creation. Re-creation can occur all at once or incrementally as a result of revelation from Spirit or feedback from the environment. The garden is completely different today than it was the day Debra taught me how to make a flower essence. Our vision has evolved, as well as our abilities to implement the vision. We have to start where we are at and move forward from there. We have to be willing to make errors and correct them as we go. Perfected form is often the result of trial and error.

8) The dynamic of accomplishment: impact | success | renewal

Conscious Creations make an impact. They provide the service intended on the intended scale. They support the evolution and maturation of society. They make a difference that matters. Impact is not measured in terms of the bottom line. It’s measured in terms of the enhancement of life.

Even though Conscious Creations are not motivated by profit, they achieve financial success. The saying, “Do what you love and the money will follow,” is true for Conscious

Creations. How much money? The Law of Requirement governs the process of Conscious Creation: all that is required is provided in divine right timing. Conscious Creations achieve success in other important ways, as well. Just as Conscious Creations evolve society, Conscious Creators grow spiritually and engage in a personal evolutionary process.

Conscious Creators celebrate their accomplishments by asking, “How can I expand my service?” and “What is the next level of creation?” Renewal of our efforts in an alternative or expanded direction is an aspect of accomplishment. Buddhist monks create intricate sand paintings that they destroy upon completion. The lesson is the impermanence and fleeting nature of the physical world. Conscious Creation teaches us detachment and release. As we complete our creations and release the experience of creating them, we make space for renewed effort. Renewal is the bridge between one level of Conscious Creation and the next.

The new world awaits conscious creation

Innumerable Conscious Creations await birth. The world is hungry for transformation. It’s time to either initiate a Conscious Creation or support one with your ideas, money, time, and other resources. We are on the precipice of a golden age of light—even as we face challenges that we have collectively set in motion.

Conscious Creation enables us to transcend suffering and birth an alternative reality that reflects the beauty and balance of our souls. As we embrace the eight Universal Dynamics of Conscious Creation, we participate in the evolution of life at the highest level and accelerate our individual and collective ascensions.

Universal6Dr. Natalia M Schotte, founder of La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences, is an internationally acclaimed author, counsellor, healer, and speaker in the field of spiritual growth. A Ph.D. in Spiritual/Therapeutic Counseling and an ordained minister through the International Council of Community Churches, Dr. Schotte is the creator of The Ascension Oracle: Guidance for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™ and The Ascension Oracle Solutions. www.laviedelarose.com

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