Dealing with Social Distancing Related Loneliness

Baishali Mukherjee

Social distancing in the time of Coronavirus pandemic has forced us practice isolation. Though solitude and being with oneself have great positive impacts on human mind and spirit, its forced implementation often yields detrimental results like feelings and fears of abandonment and loneliness. This is especially true for those living alone or those going through emotional and psychological issues.

Remember it is OK to be vulnerable. Having fears, tears, anxiety are human. Do not stop from expressing your emotions. Let your tears fall unhindered, your fears flow unleashed and let your thoughts out loud. Call up your friends and share your thoughts, fears and apprehensions. It helps! If you are the stronger one, then reach out to the vulnerable ones and share your strength with them.

Sharing is caring! And caring heals! 

At this hour of uncertainty it is normal and human to feel that you are losing out time to get that job, to meet that person you want to spend your life with, to be with that friend or to hug and cuddle your family members living in a different city. In humans socializing is a biological instinct and its perfectly normal to feel and crave for love and intimacy which give us a feeling of safety and security and a sense of togetherness.

For the time being let us all maintain a high level of self-care, and self-validation – each of us taking care of ourselves while being connected with others in ways possible. Let us make a chain of love and kindness where we spread consciousness by upholding self-care and self discipline.

As we write this, rants are getting louder which can affect our mental health. Let us vow –

  • Not to look for too many information on net
  • Not to read too many comments on social media
  • Not to be desensitized

If not tonight, tomorrow or even day after, but someday soon everything is going to be fine.

Next time you feel lonely – remember you are held by a circle of love and human bonding.

You are strong enough. You are safe, protected and loved. You belong to all of us.

Feed your mind with this faith, hope and love!

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